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1. Introduction

In recent years, male enhancement products have gained considerable attention for their claims of improving penile size, curvature correction, and overall sexual health. Among the various options available, the Quick Extender Pro has emerged as a prominent device due to its innovative design, ease of use, and documented results. This comprehensive guide aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the Quick Extender Pro, its mechanism, usage instructions, available packages, expected results, medical facts, and a comparison with another popular device, SizeGenetics.

2. What is Quick Extender Pro?

Quick Extender Pro is a medical-grade penile traction device designed to naturally increase penis size and correct penile curvature conditions such as Peyronie's disease. The device employs a scientifically proven method called penile traction therapy (PTT) to gradually stretch the penile tissues, promoting cellular growth and expansion. This method is non-invasive and has been clinically tested, providing a safer alternative to surgical procedures.

The Quick Extender Pro is marketed as an effective solution for men seeking to enhance their penile length and girth, as well as those looking to address penile curvature. Its design features comfort straps, adjustable tension settings, and high-quality materials to ensure both efficacy and user comfort.

3. How Does Quick Extender Pro Work?

The underlying principle of Quick Extender Pro is penile traction therapy, which involves the application of gentle, consistent tension to the penis over an extended period. This tension stimulates the body's natural healing process, leading to cellular division and tissue growth. Here's a closer look at how this process works:

Penile Traction Therapy

Penile traction therapy (PTT) works based on the body's ability to adapt to mechanical stress through tissue remodeling. When the penis is subjected to continuous traction, the cells in the penile tissues are encouraged to divide and multiply. This process, known as cytokinesis, results in the formation of new tissue, thereby increasing the length and girth of the penis.

Components of Quick Extender Pro

The Quick Extender Pro consists of several key components that work together to apply the necessary tension:

  • Base Ring: This part rests at the base of the penis, providing a stable anchor for the device.
  • Extension Bars: These adjustable bars allow users to set the desired level of tension.
  • Comfort Straps: Soft, ergonomic straps that secure the penis in place without causing discomfort.
  • Support Piece: This part holds the penis head and ensures even distribution of tension.

Scientific Basis

Studies have shown that prolonged and consistent application of traction can lead to significant increases in penile length and, to a lesser extent, girth. Additionally, traction therapy has been found effective in treating Peyronie's disease by gradually reducing penile curvature. The effectiveness of Quick Extender Pro is supported by clinical research and user testimonials, making it a credible option for those seeking penile enhancement.

4. How to Use Quick Extender Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using the Quick Extender Pro correctly is crucial for achieving optimal results and ensuring safety. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use the device:

Step 1: Preparation

  1. Clean the Device: Before using the device for the first time, ensure all parts are clean. Use a mild soap and warm water, and let them dry thoroughly.
  2. Measure Your Penis: Measure your penis when erect to determine the starting length. This will help track your progress over time.

Step 2: Assembly

  1. Attach the Base Ring: Place the base ring at the base of your penis.
  2. Insert Extension Bars: Select the appropriate length of extension bars and insert them into the base ring.
  3. Attach the Support Piece: Secure the support piece to the other end of the extension bars.

Step 3: Securing the Penis

  1. Position the Penis: Insert your penis through the base ring and place the head into the support piece.
  2. Apply the Comfort Straps: Use the comfort straps to secure the penis head in place, ensuring it is snug but not too tight.

Step 4: Adjusting the Tension

  1. Set Initial Tension: Start with a lower tension setting to allow your body to adapt to the stretching sensation.
  2. Gradually Increase Tension: Over time, gradually increase the tension as your comfort level improves and your tissues start to adapt.

Step 5: Wearing the Device

  1. Daily Usage: Wear the device for 4-6 hours daily. It can be split into shorter sessions if necessary.
  2. Monitor Comfort: Regularly check for any signs of discomfort or excessive pressure. Adjust the device if needed to avoid injury.

Step 6: Maintenance

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean the device regularly to maintain hygiene.
  2. Component Check: Periodically check all components for wear and tear, and replace any parts as needed.

Step 7: Track Progress

  1. Monthly Measurements: Measure your penis every month to track your progress.
  2. Adjust Goals: Based on your progress, adjust your goals and tension settings accordingly.

5. FAQs about Quick Extender Pro

Is Quick Extender Pro Safe to Use?

Yes, Quick Extender Pro is safe when used according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is designed to apply controlled tension, minimizing the risk of injury. However, it is important to follow the usage guidelines and not exceed recommended tension levels or wear time.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Results can vary based on individual factors such as starting size, consistency of use, and the body's response to traction. On average, users may start to see noticeable results within 3 to 6 months of regular use.

Can Quick Extender Pro Correct Peyronie's Disease?

Yes, Quick Extender Pro is effective in reducing penile curvature caused by Peyronie's disease. The device applies traction that gradually straightens the penis, improving its overall appearance and functionality.

Is the Device Comfortable to Wear?

Quick Extender Pro is designed with comfort in mind. The use of comfort straps and ergonomic components ensures that users can wear the device for extended periods without significant discomfort.

Can I Wear Quick Extender Pro While Sleeping?

It is generally not recommended to wear the device while sleeping, as involuntary movements during sleep could cause discomfort or injury. It is best to use the device during waking hours when you can monitor its fit and adjust it as needed.

What If I Experience Discomfort?

If you experience discomfort, check the device's fit and tension settings. Make sure the straps are not too tight and that the tension is set to a comfortable level. If discomfort persists, take a break and consult the user manual for troubleshooting tips.

How Do I Clean and Maintain the Device?

Clean the device with mild soap and warm water regularly. Ensure all parts are thoroughly dried before reassembly. Regular maintenance and component checks will help extend the life of the device and ensure its effectiveness.

6. Accessories and Packages

Quick Extender Pro offers several packages to cater to different needs and budgets. Each package includes specific accessories to enhance the user experience and maximize results.

Value Edition

The Value Edition is the most basic package, offering essential components at an affordable price. It includes:

  • Base Ring
  • Extension Bars
  • Comfort Straps
  • Support Piece
  • User Manual

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition offers a balanced package with additional accessories for enhanced comfort and performance. It includes:

  • All components of the Value Edition
  • Extra Extension Bars
  • Additional Comfort Straps
  • Travel Case

Deluxe Limited Edition

The Deluxe Limited Edition is the premium package, offering the most comprehensive set of accessories and components. It includes:

  • All components of the Standard Edition
  • Extra Comfort Pads
  • Additional Support Pieces
  • Luxury Storage Box
  • Detailed Usage Guide

Peyronie's and Curvature Edition

This edition is specifically designed for men dealing with Peyronie's disease and significant penile curvature. It includes specialized components to address curvature issues:

  • All components of the Standard Edition
  • Curvature Correction Straps
  • Detailed Peyronie's Treatment Guide

7. Results: What to Expect

Length and Girth Enhancement

Users can expect gradual increases in both length and girth with consistent use. On average, gains of 1-2 inches in length and 0.5-1 inch in girth can be achieved over 6-12 months.

Curvature Correction

For those with Peyronie's disease, the Quick Extender Pro can significantly reduce penile curvature. Users typically see noticeable improvements in curvature within 3-6 months.

Improved Sexual Confidence

Beyond physical changes, many users report improved sexual confidence and satisfaction. The psychological benefits of enhanced size and reduced curvature can positively impact sexual relationships.

8. Medical Facts and Considerations

Clinical Studies

Numerous clinical studies support the efficacy of penile traction devices like Quick Extender Pro. These studies highlight significant improvements in penile length, girth, and curvature correction.

Safety Profile

Quick Extender Pro has a strong safety profile when used as directed. However, improper use, such as excessive tension or prolonged wear, can lead to discomfort or injury. It is crucial to adhere to usage guidelines.

Professional Endorsements

Many urologists and sexual health experts endorse penile traction therapy for its non-invasive nature and documented results. It is often recommended as a first-line treatment for penile enhancement and curvature correction.


While generally safe, Quick Extender Pro is not suitable for everyone. Men with certain medical conditions, such as severe diabetes or blood clotting disorders, should consult a healthcare provider before use.

9. Quick Extender Pro vs. SizeGenetics: A Comparative Analysis

Design and Comfort

Both Quick Extender Pro and SizeGenetics feature high-quality materials and ergonomic designs. However, Quick Extender Pro is often praised for its superior comfort straps, which provide a more secure and comfortable fit.


Both devices are effective for penile enhancement and curvature correction. Clinical studies and user testimonials support the efficacy of both products, with similar average gains in length and girth.

Price and Packages

Quick Extender Pro generally offers more affordable packages compared to SizeGenetics. Both brands provide various packages to suit different needs, but Quick Extender Pro's Value Edition offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.

Customer Support

Both companies provide excellent customer support, including detailed user manuals, online resources, and responsive customer service teams. Quick Extender Pro's customer support is often highlighted for its quick response times and helpfulness.

Warranty and Guarantee

Both devices come with a satisfaction guarantee and warranty. Quick Extender Pro typically offers a longer warranty period, providing additional peace of mind for users.

User Feedback

User feedback for both devices is overwhelmingly positive. However, Quick Extender Pro users frequently commend the device's comfort and ease of use, while SizeGenetics users appreciate the brand's long-standing reputation and extensive clinical backing.

10. Conclusion

The Quick Extender Pro stands out as a reliable and effective option for men seeking to enhance their penile size and address curvature issues. Its design, based on the principles of penile traction therapy, is both scientifically sound and user-friendly. With various packages and accessories to choose from, Quick Extender Pro caters to a wide range of needs and budgets.

When compared to SizeGenetics, another leading penile traction device, Quick Extender Pro holds its own in terms of design, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking for length and girth enhancement or a solution to penile curvature, Quick Extender Pro offers a promising, non-invasive option backed by clinical research and positive user experiences.

For best results, it is essential to use the device consistently and according to the provided guidelines. With patience and dedication, Quick Extender Pro can help you achieve your desired outcomes and boost your confidence in the process.

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