📝 DRAFT — Business Operations Manager at NEAR

Business Operations Manager

San Francisco, CA
Posted 80 days ago

Are you a highly intelligent hustler who gets more excited the more spinning plates there are to juggle at any given time? Who wants to sit at the nexus of everything required to keep a business running and pointed in the right direction?

As the Business Operations Manager at Near Inc., you’ll do it all and more. One day it may involve negotiating a contract while the next it’s creating financial projections. One day it’s managing tax accounting questions while the next it’s recruiting for partnerships or hiring. One day it’s arguing about protocol governance and the next it’s figuring out how to build a successful product team. It involves literally everything it takes to keep the business together and prospering.

This is a role for someone with all the potential to climb a corporate ladder but who would rather strike out on a path with higher autonomy. You’ll be reporting directly to Near Inc.’s Chief of Staff and must be based in San Francisco, CA.

The skills that matter most are:

+ A fanatical attention to process and detail mixed with strategic judgment

+ Exceptional ability to adapt to change

+ A heaping dose of the grit it takes to battle the endless challenge of operating in this environment.


+ 5+ years of demonstrated excellence in startup environments in a high level operational role

+ Demonstrated experience in contract negotiations and financial operations

+ Demonstrated passion for the blockchain/crypto space

+ Stellar attention to detail and process orientation.

+ Ability to balance daily context-switches

This role is not a cold start -- you will be expected to have context and judgment in business operations. This means should have started a company before, operated within venture funded startups before, or (maybe) turned a prior career in a relevant field into a fresh start via a top tier MBA.


Excel, Financial Reporting/Analysis, Contract Negotiations, Notion, Slack, Discord, Discourse, Airtable


120,000+/year + tokens

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