Chief Futurist and COO at Tech Startup

Chief Futurist and COO

Tech Startup
Remote London
Posted 250 days ago

Unique opportunity to part of the leadership of a London based technology start-up focusing on cutting-edge technology to deliver real-time payroll and financial services. We leverage distributed ledger tech, machine learning, Internet of Things infrastructure, and bespoke UX solutions to transform how we share value.

The purpose of this role is to design and deliver strategic foresight interventions with and for our clients and partners. All duties are delivered within the context of three focal areas: research, engagement, and strategy. This role is distinct from typical professorial positions due to the unique industry-orientation of the company and our specific interest in candidates with extensive experience working within the humanitarian and development sector.

The role best suits a design-driven futurist, with strong business operations experience, who has a passion for using creative modes of engagement.

The Chief Futurist and COO are accountable for the business operations with direct oversight of the Operations team.

The full-time role is predominantly based in our London office with travel as determined according to business needs

Conducting applied research on trends and emerging issues based on client needs and requests;
Managing the quality of research and client-facing outputs;
Developing and delivering presentations and facilitating client and partner engagement;
Developing scenarios, games and simulations, and experiential engagements;
Contributing authorship and editing publications;
Representing the company at various events and gatherings;
Organising and facilitating a monthly industry meetup;
Support CEO in strategic decision making and business direction;
Accountable for business operations and performance measurement;
Responsible for planning by prioritising client, investor, employee and organisational requirements.
Overseeing compliance with local and international legislation and client policy.
Monitoring and assisting Team performance and development - working with leadership to recruit and retain the best talent for the business goals

Job Requirements

At least 4-6 years experience as a futurist working in the humanitarian and development sector.
At least 3-4 years experience producing creative outputs, such as games/simulations, scenarios, and artefacts from the future.
At least 3-4 years (potentially concurrent with the above) experience in a research environment in business, government, academic or civil society organisation;
At least 1-3 years experience (potentially concurrent with the above) facilitating executive education, training, and presentations for Fortune 500 firms;
At least 1-3 years experience (potentially concurrent with the above) responsible for corporate and/or start-up operations
A proven record of publications in reputable, reviewed domains, including academic publications;
Thorough knowledge of cutting-edge Fintech, such as distributed ledger technology.

Research leadership experience;
International consulting experience;


COO, research, presentations, facilitation, experimental engagements, business ops, compliance, team performance and dev


~100,000 GBP / year

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