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Crypto Community Manager

Remote San Francisco, CA
Posted 826 days ago

We are in need of a Community Manager with ICO experience for our Telegram room, Reddit, and BitcoinTalk interactions. We’ll be launching our marketing and community outreach & support this week. Full-time (Part-time to start OK). On-site or Remote.

We are looking for a motivated and autonomous individual who knows about the cryptocurrency world and understands: how “cryptokids” interact with one another, where they get their information, and how they do their ICO research and contribution decisions. This person can high-level strategize, manage a distributed workforce of ambassadors/moders, and also perform the actual work of community interactions.

-- Bounty Program - Work with bounty manager and ensure bounty program is developing well and no one is spamming. Alternatively, be our bounty manager.

-- Manage BitcoinTalk - Work with bounty manager and ensure bitcointalk announcements go out on a regular basis and that all questions/requests are being answered.

-- Telegram - Keep alive with announcements and calls to action. Respond to all questions. Welcome new members on a daily basis. Assign questions to key team players. Identify and bring in outside resources

-- Recruit Telegram Moderators - Find, hire, manage, and schedule small team of distributed moderators to run Telegram.

-- Email - Manage inbox of messages in your domain, partnerships, and company, answering what’s appropriate. Assign to key team members for their domains.

-- Post in 100+ Forums/FB Groups/Subreddits Per Week - Work with ambassadors to ensure the brand is well represented often and continuously all across the web. At least 100+ posts across the web per week.

-- Comment name of ICO in 100+ Blog Posts Per Week - Work with ambassadors to ensure the brand is well represented often and continuously all across the web.

-- Complement Social Media Strategy - Work with social media manager (FB/Twitter/IG) and ensure initiatives and messaging are aligned

-- Work With Other Team Members - Work with team to get major announcements out on all crypto forums/ finance forums/ blog forums/ subreddits/ linkedin groups/ google+ groups/ fb groups.

-- Have performed 75% of the Responsibilities
-- Have managed community for least one ICO to successful completion.

-- Has medical or healthcare knowledge
-- Worked in healthcare or in health insurance or similar capacity
-- Worked on multiple ICOs
-- Managed communities post-ICO to support product engagement and support trading volume
-- Large personal social media following of engaged crypto & tech enthusiasts.
-- Large number of BitcoinTalk posts, Reddit Karma points, etc.
-- Managed social media for a crypto company (or other consumer company)
-- Managed marketing for a crypto company (or other consumer company)
-- Already has access to other community managers & ambassadors to bring onboard as workers

-- Full time preferred, but not mandatory
-- (Open to part-time to start, but quickly transition to full)
-- (Also open to temporary 3- to 4-month contract)

-- Salary (growing commensurate to funds raised): $60k-$90k
-- Tokens from Founders Share: 1%-3.5%
-- Open to alternative 3- to 4-month contract

-- Really awesome coworking office in SoMa in San Francisco, CA
-- Open to remote, but prefer in-person

Health insurance in the United States today no longer serves its purpose for most consumers. Premiums are increasingly expensive, coverage is worsening, and medical debt is rising. is solving the incentive and information problems with an alternative to the traditional “health insurance company” by building a peer-to-peer insurance network on the blockchain.

The founding team and advisors consist of well-known crypto veterans and ex-500 Startups healthcare and healthtech entrepreneurs. Check out who we are at

Our mission is to return health insurance to its role of cost effective safety net for consumers, while realigning the incentives of providers & functionaries with those of consumers. See more at

Reply with resume or LinkedIn and relevant work/links directly, please make sure to address the following questions:
1. Have you worked on an ICO? Which? How many investors contributed to the project?

2. Have you worked with a blockchain/crypto company or project? Which?

3. What Telegram/Slack/Discord crypto chat rooms have you managed? How many people? Please provide links.

4. Please links to your Reddit profile, BitcoinTalk profile, others?

5. What were your roles in the ICO you worked on?


Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, AMA, ICO


$60k-$90k/year or contract neg. + 1-3.5% of founders share tokens + Equity

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