Digital Marketer and Community Managers at DiscoverBlockchain

Digital Marketer and Community Managers


Posted 726 days ago

Job Description:

DiscoverBlockchain is a resource-enabling, educational and freelance marketplace focusing on providing a supportive platform for both clients and skilled Blockchain Technology freelancers to connect, share information and provide services within the industry.

Your job will be to report and work alongside the CEO and oversee a specific department of the Marketing Department. You will be actively involved in the execution of the marketing strategy for DiscoverBlockchain's ICO pre-launch and a long-term position will be available to those who contribute and exceed expectations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Overseeing and executing the marketing strategies for the ICO Launch.
- Growth hacking and managing of diverse social media channels
- Liaising with the Content Creators to create a marketing calendar and schedule to post updates on a daily and consistent manner.

- Ensuring all product aspects are fully reviewed in terms of SEO, ASO.

- Running the Social media strategy for the platform.

- Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data.

- Driving an aggressive strategy to achieve quality reach and fundraising, that boost organic growth.

- Building a network of brand ambassadors.

- Writing weekly reports of progress and results.

- Designing Social Media content with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

Previous Experience:

- Knowledge and experience within Blockchain Technology, ICOs and trends in the industry.
- Experience managing PPC, SEO and Affiliate programmes
- Strong understanding of current online marketing concepts, strategy and best practices.

- Previous experience in a similar digital marketing role
- Excellent understanding of social media metrics and best growth hacking techniques.


Contributors are paid in DSC tokens. The starting salary for developers is 60K tokens a month, equal to around $6,000 calculated by our crowd-sale price.

Please be aware that if the project does not succeed, Contributors will have given time, creativity and energy into the project for no return. Before joining DiscoverBlockchain you must be sure that this worst case scenario is acceptable to you.

The coins will be issued to Contributors on a bi-weekly basis to their ethereum wallet.

The contributor is responsible of creating a wallet and sharing its address accordingly upon starting the project.


Social Media Marketing Digital Marketing Marketing Management Growth Hacking Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technology Blockchain Technology



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