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Full Stack Developer

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Posted 156 days ago

• Develop core back-end services and components for gathering data around Digital Assets.
• Maintain and develop the infrastructure to ensure rock solid deployment, superior uptime, and speed in the industry.
• Develop API integrations, client-server architecture, security systems and a robust datawarehousing architecture.
• Support of the server-side infrastructure: Docker, Nginx, Node.js, configuration management, load balancing, Elastic Search, Jenkins.
• Maintaining and managing Elastic Search Clusters.
• Support of the development process via modern CI/CD systems.
• Maintain scalable high load modules/micro-services architecture.
• Create and maintain system procedural and technical documentation.
• Conduct system administration activities for Linux servers, which includes routine, proactive daily management of the health, stability and availability of system infrastructure. Activities include proactive monitoring, patch reporting and addressing fall out, security.
•Work with the team on Analyzing and Developing digital assets data reports from data on the Elastic Cluster.
• Stay up to date and build on peer-to-peer networking security best practices, and research new attack vectors.
• Well verse with internal and external penetration testing, remedial actions.
• Able to create, maintain and communicate threat models and risk assessments.
• Able to lead development projects and work with multiple stakeholders.

• 5+ years proven experience as a back-end developer.
• Strong in these languages: Python/ Node.js/ bonus added for (R ,Rust, GO) and everything related to distributed systems.
• Understanding of blockchain fundamentals: PoW, PoS, TaPoS, DPoS, other consensus algorithms, various cryptocurrencies, validators and staking pools.
• Strong experience in DB administration and a strong grip on Elastic Search.
• Experience as DevOps/Cross-Development Engineer - able to design and execute the company's dev infrastructure needs end-to-end.
• Experience with building APIs and services using REST, GRAPHQL, WEBSOCKETS.
• Experience designing secure networks, systems and application architectures.
• Experience in subnetting, DNS, encryption technologies and standards, VPNs, VLANs, VoIP and other network routing methods.
• Experience in configuring Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka
• Experience setting up and maintaining software in both data centers and cloud environments.
• Experience in tuning and monitoring databases, message queues, stream-processing technology, data pipelines, and reliable real-time systems is a plus
• Good at front-end development and experience in HTML5, CSS3, CSS / ReactJS/Redux, React Native, Webpack, PWA, Docker.
• Excellent problem-solving skills, fast and robust results.
• Likes to work in a challenging environment and be part of a founding team.


Python, ElasticSearch, Jenkins



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