GUI Wallet for Monero hardfork based cryptocurrency at X-CASH

GUI Wallet for Monero hardfork based cryptocurrency

Remote France
Posted 286 days ago

Company overview


Launched in January 2018, our company is a fintech located in France. It aims at developing a new efficient payment protocol based on blockchain technology. We currently count 5 members and looking in finding new collaborators who will accompany us for the development and growth of the project.

Our first product is a cryptocurrency based on a hardfork of the monero blockchain. Core development is finalized and operational after two months of extensive stress tests. We validated:

Security : Validation of transactions through “ring signature” protocol and PoW consensus

Fastness : Current average transaction time is 30 seconds, looking to reduce by a factor of 10.

Scalability : 100tx/s validated. Theorical maximum of several thousand transactions per second.

The last necessary and essential element we need before mainstream launch is the creation of a GUI wallet working on Windows operating systems. We are looking for a freelancer to help us with this task.



We are looking for a freelancer to help us implement our UI kit in a working wallet application. The GUI Wallet will provide users with a mean of managing their assets and account, while sending and receiving transaction of our cryptocurrency via connection to the blockchain.

The UI application is close to a smartphone application design, as in a near future the application will be declined for Mac OSX, Android and iOS.

For the interface development, we have a slight preference for QtQuick framework, but we are open to any other GUI Toolkit. Our designer is preparing the general design of the app and we have the UI flowchart ready. Only the implementation remains.

Skills needed


Extensive knowledge of blockchain technologies is a plus but is not necessary, as our technology is equipped with a JSON Remote Procedure Call to access the different function of the blockchain. We have a preference for using the RPC for the GUI wallet but we are open to suggestions.


<C> <C++> <JSON RPC> <Qt>


competitive + Equity

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