Japanese Blockchain Community Manager at Venoty

Japanese Blockchain Community Manager


Posted 425 days ago

About Venoty

Venoty introduces in the online environment through blockchain technology the first platform of personal development of children throught creativity.
We consider education as the decisive factor acting on the child.

Venoty Coin is a digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world and use peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. Venoty was launched using the Scrypt algorithm which we have assessed to be the most suitable algorithm currently available that aligns with our goals.

-Egalitarian proof of work
-Anonymous payments
-Wallet encryption
-Faster transaction speed
-Efficiency in mining

Scrypt allows almost anyone with a CPU/GPU the ability to mine Venoty, the algorithm is ASIC resistant and is using Dark Gravity Wave . Dark Gravity Wave (DGW) is an open source difficulty-adjusting algorithm for Bitcoin-based cryptocurrencies. Evan Duffield authored DGW as a response to a time-warp exploit found in Kimoto’s Gravity Well. DGW is similar to Kimoto Gravity Well, adjusting the difficulty levels every block (instead of every 2016 blocks like Bitcoin) by using statistical data of the last blocks found. This allows block issuing times to remain consistent despite high fluctuations in hashpower, however, it doesn’t suffer from the time-warp exploit.


Venoty is recruiting a Japanese Community Manager (Part-time) to manage and expand the Venoty community.

Your main mission will be to help the Venoty Japanese community grow every week, while making it a cheerful and pleasant space for people to interact in!

In Order To Do That, You Will
-Manage a community of Japanese users across multiple local platforms and social networks
-Think up and put into place ways to make the community grow every week
-Identify the community's needs and engage with them
-Translate content (Medium articles, social media updates, news, video subtitles)
-Share and distribute content on social media
-Respond to our community members' questions and build an FAQ
-Plan and communicate information about Venoty participation in various local events (conferences and meetups)
-Identify content marketing campaigns and write press releases

-Location: Remote (preferably in Japan)
-Relevant experience in community management/marketing/communication
-Excellent writing skills in Japanese
-Interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency
-You'll get extra points if you have experience in growth hacking, cryptocurrency, blockchain and decentralized systems

-Negotiable in Venoty Coin


Community Management, Content Writing, Communication


Negotiable in Venoty Coin

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