Security Engineer at Chainflip

Security Engineer

Posted 178 days ago

Chainflip is like nothing you will have ever worked on before: it is a multidisciplinary exercise in distributed systems, decentralised finance, blockchain consensus mechanisms, cyber security, applied cryptography, and front end tooling.

Chainflip enables cross-chain cryptocurrency swapping - like swapping Bitcoin for Ethereum - without using centralised exchanges, specialised wallets, or wrapped tokens. Think of it like Uniswap, but you will always receive the native token.

Existing decentralised token swapping solutions suffer from a range of issues that severely limit usability, privacy, and practicality. Utilising a novel MPC and threshold encryption based system run by its own validator network, Chainflip is a protocol for automated cross-chain token swaps that resolves these issues with a truly decentralised solution.

We are scaling up our experienced team. We’re looking for people who are looking to be a part of a fast growing startup, run by experienced founders and with a solid engineering team and support staff base to help us carry forward the vision we have for the future of permissionless value transfer.

We’ve spent over 10 months working on the product already, which to date has been developed by our team of experienced engineers that have been working with each other for some years already on other projects as well. As we get closer to launch, we need the help of even more talented engineers to get to launch and optimise and improve the product beyond day one. As we said: Chainflip is like nothing you’ll have ever worked on before. This is a very rare opportunity to work in the crypto industry on a project that goes far beyond solidity.

If you’re ambitious, experienced, and/or passionate about DeFi we want to hear from you.

The Role

As a member of the Chainflip engineering team you will have the opportunity to grow within the business and propel your career in an industry that can truly change how we view self-sovereignty and transfer of value.

We are seeking a Security Engineer to join our team to help us analyse our security at diferent levels of the stack and protocol.

* Research and develop our approach to cryptography solutions within the protocol, including threshold schemes using multiple algorithms and approaches
* Analyse and develop strategies to improve the server-side security of our validator node software and the validtor network in general
* Develop mitigating strategies and monitoring tools to combat against network attacks
* Design and develop secure mechanisms for key management and signing

Much of our backend technology stack relies heavily on our own Rust based software which includes p2p networking, consensus mechanisms, blockchain technology, and cryptography. We also use Substrate, Solidity, and a variety of other tools and frameworks to achieve the product result.

For this role, you will have a professional history in cyber security, and will be at least familiar with Rust and/or C++. You will have working in software professionally for at least 3 years.

You will work with the existing engineering team of 11 alongside our very experienced CTO Tom Nash. You will be supported throughout your tenure at Chainflip to learn, try new things, and above all become a subject matter expert in some of the most interesting technologies in software today.

Salary range is EUR$70k - 130k, plus equity/tokens

The Process

Please submit your CV for review. A screening call will be conducted by our operations manager. For our engineering or technical roles, the first stage is a 1hr remote code interview run by our existing engineering team in a language of your choice. Following this you will have a more informal meeting with some other members of the team.

This is a key hire, so we are willing to move quickly for the right person.

If you have any questions about the role, or would like to submit your information directly, you can email [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you join us on our journey.


Distributed Systems Cryptography Cyber Security


70.000€ - 130.000€ gross annually + 1% - 2% Equity

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