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Posted 415 days ago

We're looking for crypto algorithmic traders with proven GitHubs and reputable LinkedIns for a fantastic opportunity.

We're a hedge fund looking to test many different strategies with a seed amount, so long as it backtests well. In some cases, backtests don't do justice - OHLCVs don't tell you much about bids, asks, or order books, and that historical data is pricey to say the least - forward tests are considered stronger than backtests! Preference will be given to higher frequency trades, algos that take advantage of market inefficiencies or profit from arbitrage, market making, and other strategies.

Those strategies that are impressive will turn into us taking some of our client's funds and placing it within your strategy, and you will earn 15% of the profits from these strategies, usually with 2-5 BTC invested to start.

To be considered:

1. Submit your GitHub and LinkedIn
2. Summarize for me which projects and algo trading strategies you have experience with
3. Educate me on your standard tech stack
4. If you pass the initial stage, you'll be asked to go over your proposed strategy, advantages and disadvantages as well as projections. That doc will require the following sections, so you're prepared:

a. Consistent over all types of markets, but identify when it does better
b. Sunk costs of dev
c. Scalability given current market liquidity and volume


algorithmic trading


15% profits for those selected to continue

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