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Senior Rust Engineer


Posted 71 days ago

Job Description:

As a Senior Rust Engineer you will work collaboratively with Developers and Product Owners in building and designing a blockchain-based architecture according to received requirements for an innovative CBDC based product.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

As a Senior Rust Engineer you’ll be responsible for:
Building a scalable blockchain-based application architecture for CBDC
Developing necessary code base in Rust and/or other backend-oriented languages
Developing the specialized modules using Substrate for custom blockchain platforms
Participating in a research process about traits, solutions, trends and security measures required for proper use of blockchain technology
Writing and helping to maintain automated tests
Identifying security risks
Providing accurate timing estimates on work
Contributing to documentation (instructional and technical specification)
Discussing technical solutions and providing innovative new ideas to established problems


The ideal candidate for the role will possess:
Practical experience with Rust programming language (1 yrs+)
Extensive experience with any other low-level backend programming language (C/C++, Go etc.) (4 yrs+)
Previous experience in building enterprise-grade solutions for specialized platforms (Blockchain, AI, Finance, HTS etc.) (1 yrs+)
Willingness to learn blockchain technology in order to help blockchain engineers in developing software
Good knowledge of security best practices
Comfortable setting up environment from scratch
Initiative, self-motivated and able to work as part of a team
Work well under pressure and to deadlines
Comfortable working in an agile, scrum environment
Confidentiality is essential


Rust, C/C++, Systems Architecture, Blockchain


Open Negotiation

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