Technical Lead at Xalpha Technologies Ltd

Technical Lead

Xalpha Technologies Ltd
Remote London
Posted 622 days ago

Our Company
Working with the brightest minds in the world to the shape future of human cooperation

‘[blockchain] represents an epochal change in the options we have with interacting with each other’ -Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder Ethereum

Blockchain technologies opened up the ability of us as individuals to build an alternative financial system, enforceable legal contracts and decentralised governance models. In the 21st century our freedom as individuals will no longer be dictated by geographical constraints, financial institutions, and ultimately lessen the tyranny of the birth lottery.

Despite the technology being at such a nascent stage blockchain industry has seen unprecedented growth. In 2017 alone the industry grew by 3,100%. People call Bitcoin a bubble. The total market cap is currently worth $321 billion (as of 30/05/2018)1, which pales in comparison to the dotcom bubble which was worth $3 trillion, despite not having any new or existing technology backing the absurd total market value.

While Bitcoin itself may not be the most valued asset in the world in the near future, it is undeniable that the applications of blockchain technology reach far further than for simple uses such as executing transactions. Blockchain technology will become a powerful mechanism for shaping the validity of identification, the creation of smart contracts and the way in which ownership is branded on assets such as property or money.

However, many in the industry have been blinded by short termism and greed, unable to see the multi-trillion dollar value creation that will occur in the space. At Xalpha we aim to accelerate the creation of the next generation of blockchain protocols. As an investment fund in blockchain, our activities include: sourcing very early stage protocols with multi-billion dollar potential; developing quantitative & algorithmic trading strategies; and creating a blockchain ecosystem in Europe.

Our day to day activity falls in to the 3 broad umbrellas of:

-Eliminating and capitalising on market inefficiencies through quantitative strategies
-Effectively allocating human & financial capital to the brightest entrepreneurs in world
-Pioneering new standards & systems for market equity and transparency

We are looking for a talented individual with demonstrable experience in programming to join us on this revolutionary journey in invigorating a new and people-empowering global society, catalysing only the most preeminent and absolute protocols in the world.

-Participate in cutting edge research in artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.
-Develop solutions for real world, large scale problems.

Minimum Qualifications:
-1 to 2 years of work or educational programming experience.

-Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Java, C/C++ or Python.

Preferred qualifications:
-BEng/MEng degree in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience.
-MS or PhD degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or related technical field.
-Experience with one or more of the following: Natural Language Processing, text understanding, classification, pattern recognition, recommendation systems, targeting systems, ranking systems or similar.

Our Values
At Xalpha, we believe that maintaining strong values is key to building a healthy and sustainable work culture. Values shape our thoughts, words and actions and together they build an internal cohesion in the team that enable us to make the best decisions harmoniously.

We encourage an environment where trust is the backbone to every decision being made, owing to our firm belief that strong transparency within the team is crucial for any business’ long-term success. Unsurprisingly built as the foundation of the Results Pyramid, trust makes you comfortable with being vulnerable to everyone’s behaviours, strengths and weaknesses, cultivating only the best ideas at Xalpha.

Radical open-mindedness
Combined with trust, it is important to be radically open-minded and speak passionately about your own beliefs with founded conviction. We find that the act of scientifically challenging the opinions of others through thoughtful disagreements often converges to the most efficient solutions.

“If x, do x^x”
In every project that we undertake, we make it the norm to be fully dedicated, whether we succeed or fail. if (effort >= x) {effort = x^x;} is our code of conduct where we encourage our team to go beyond their call of duty and more than exponentially grow towards our potential.

Longstanding Integrity
Dealing with money often can blind people and can lead them to take moral short-cuts. At Xalpha we believe that the greatest value will accrue in the long run. Having an impeccable reputation and being long term oriented will help us to be the most successful in the long run. “If you lose money for the firm I will be understanding. If you lose reputation I will be ruthless.” - Warren Buffett

Equal Employment Commitment
We are committed to equal employment opportunity and consider applications from all wanting to join us in believing the potential of blockchain to shape the future. If you have a disability or special needs that require accommodating, please let us know.

Your DNA
~ Intellectual curiosity: passionate about solving causation, blockchain technologies and its impact on the future of humanity
~ Experience or desire to learn new technologies and fields
~ Be radically open minded
~ Clean coding best practice, TDD a must
~ Mental toughness to persevere through difficult challenges
~ Interest in emerging technologies such ML, IPFS, etc
~ Understanding of microservices and event-driven architecture techniques; DDD
~ Understands hashing and cryptography concepts

Your Day to Day
~ You will be a lead member of our technical team working to release regular iterations of the quantitative strategies.
~ Contribute technical ideas and suggestions to enhance the strategies.
~ Write efficient, maintainable and reusable code and tests.
~ Review analytics and performance metrics to draw conclusions and drive change.

The deadline for applications is 30th June 2018. We will begin to review applications before the deadline and therefore encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Successful candidates will be offered a competitive salary including bonus.


Python and/or C/C++ and/or Java


Competitive salary including bonus

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