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At IOHK we hire smart people from various backgrounds and disciplines, who work closely together in an environment that champions both respect and trust. Our goal is to create a culture of transparency, innovation and collaboration. Recruiting the right people, who not only have the smarts but also the behaviours to nurture our culture, is critical to our success and this is where you come in!

As an experienced Web Tester, you will use your skills with Cross Browser Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Browser Automation to ensure our website users get the best possible experience. You will use your experience to know when and how to use different frontend code testing options to uncover any vulnerabilities in our platforms without compromising on visual quality. Working with a cross-functional team of designers, frontend developers and project managers, you will devise and implement test plans and processes across the creative frontend team.

Wherever you decide to work, you will be a part of IOHK’s remote work culture that emphasizes online communication via Trello, Slack, GitHub, Hangouts.
Skills & Requirements

We expect to see:

● Solid QA Testing experience and up-to-date knowledge of QA methodologies, tools and processes and experience in writing clear, concise and comprehensive test plans and test cases
● Technical experience and ability to understand:
○ cross-browser testing suites like Browser Stack.
○ HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
○ User Acceptance Testing experience
○ Selenium Testing / Browser Automation; comfortable writing browser automation tests using Selenium, Nightwatch JS or similar.
● An excellent eye for detail: You’ll be able to spot pixel-level differences between platforms.
● Experience and confidence to take a proactive and holistic approach to testing: putting yourself in the mind of the user, you will have an informed opinion on design/UX decisions, which can be backed up with data.
● Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development process

Key Responsibilities
• develop a strong understanding of the project and testing objectives
• Design and create test conditions and scripts
• Execute and analyse automation test results
• Participate in troubleshooting and triaging of issues with different teams to drive towards root cause identification and resolution
• Document, track and escalate issues as appropriate
• Support production deployment of websites and perform “validation testing” during the off-hours maintenance windows
• Support technical services as escalation point for reported bugs.

Desirable to have:
● Experience writing Unit Tests
● Understanding of React / Vue JS

What we value:
● Passion for working alongside teams that want to explore new frameworks and systems that are more fair, open and transparent.
● Collaboration and Inclusion: Innovation happens when people from different backgrounds and disciplines work closely together in an environment of respect and trust.
● Transparency: Trust is built on openness and transparency. For example, all our code is open source and we share information openly with communities and colleagues
● Ability to work autonomously with minimal supervision. We offer a dynamic working environment that suits people who are self-motivated and can work autonomously. You will naturally have strong communication and organisational skills and can work on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors.
In addition to working on ground breaking projects, you’ll also get in return:
● Opportunity to work remotely
● Flexible hours
● 20 days paid service interruption
● Paid public holidays
● 5 days paid sick leave
About IOHK

In 2015 IOHK founders, Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, set out to cause cascading disruption, committed to using peer-to-peer innovations to provide financial services to the three billion people who don’t have them. They knew back then that they had to first create a place that was designed to enable such unprecedented ambition. A place where incredibly talented individuals are actually empowered to put their best work into the hands of millions of people to build on and explore new ways of working together. As IOHK continues to grow, we hope that these principles will serve each new person joining our ranks.

Some projects that we've recently completed or are working on:

● IOHK | A vision for blockchain in Africa
● Cardano Whiteboard: Overview with Charles Hoskinson
● IOHK | Cardano Testnets. May 2018

When you apply… Please include an up-to-date resume and we strongly encourage you to include a cover letter explaining why you’re interested in working at IOHK. Specifically, we are interested in hearing about the depth of your testing experience, environments you’ve worked in and how you can add value to the team.


Cross Browser Testing, JavaScript, UAT


Monthly fee, come and talk to us

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