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Community & Product Builder, Web3 Marketer active 1 week ago
Available Now 📍 Canada (near Toronto)
Community Management

📝 Bio

Hi! This is redbird aka Lisa.
The first digital collectible I ever purchased was a RCRDSHP Music NFT, and I started working there just a few months later on their community team. I grew their Twitch presence and was a Discord moderator until I moved into the Marketing team doing everything from consulting with artists for their drops to creating social media posts. Now I publish a weekly newsletter and am a Twitter Spaces host.
More recently I started putting in some time with the product team as a Product Owner to create mockups and user stories for a new website feature.

🏝 More Details

🌍 Locations: Canada (near Toronto), Remote

💬 Languages: English

💰 Expectations: 7500 USD/mo

🎓 University: 2012

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