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Vue.js Node.js Jest Webpack PHP SQL Docker

📝 Bio

I have more than 10 years of experience in WebDev and 5 years of experience in development with Vue.js both with Node.js and PHP in backend. I’ve built the very stable and easy scalable projects based on microservice architecture with modern frameworks.

My best frontend skills are Vue.js (+TypeScript+Nuxt+Quasar+Gridsome), CSS/SCSS, Webpack/Vite, Storybook. Also I have some practice with Figma and Photoshop, have some small projects with React (with Gatsby) and Flutter. And also I have a lot of backend experience with PHP, Node.js, SQL/noSQL databases, RabbitMQ, Memcache, ElasticSearch, Linux shell, GitlabCI etc.

I'm currently learning Web3 and I don't have real experience in crypto yet.

🏝 More Details

🌍 Locations: Moscow, Europe

💬 Languages: Russian, English

💰 Expectations: $5000 USD / month

🎓 University: Russia State Technology University, 2008

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