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Open to Offers 📍 Nomadic, (although typically in Europe and UAE)
Community Management Sales Ux/ui Front-End Dev Business Development Content And Copywriting

📝 Bio

I am an American marketing professional with a bias towards remote positions because they allow me to continue to explore the world while I help build amazing things.

As a bit of an intro, I'll highlight that I am very much a cross-functional team member. I believe that in order for a product to be truly successful from a marketing perspective, it's vital to understand the entire process and participate as much as possible with as many things as possible. I will organize my relevant abilities from highest to lowest in terms of confidence, but all of the things I list are subjects/tasks that I have directly owned or been a key stakeholder of. I am also very adaptable and love to learn new techniques/ approaches and I am willing to put the time into researching things.

Personalized Outreach (Email, LinkedIn, etc.) - Building networks and relationshipping with key software industry stakeholders in an attempt to sell them software development
Google Search Console - monitoring and evaluating search placements and keywords
Google Tag Manager - setting up specific Micro and Macro conversion tracking in Google Analytics. Sending triggers to Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads etc. to build audiences for remarketing campaigns.
Google Analytics - Structured and implemented 10 views for collecting data on various audiences and measuring campaign results
Prospecting - finding high-quality prospects to generate leads, or form partnerships
Bulk Email Campaigns - ran A/B testing to determine best subject lines and message content to drive conversions and traffic to website and then ran campaigns for more than 100k prospects. 22% open rate and 4.5% click-through rate (industry standard is 21.29% and 2.45% respectively)
Market Research - General market research but also I identified micro-influencers using SparkToro in relevant industries and led a new outreach strategy via endorsement that saw a measurable 20% boost in website traffic for the 2-month period it was allowed to run. Cost the company less than $2000
General Design (UX/UI, Web, Print, Logos, etc.) - I currently have 14 clients after starting my business 6 months ago. They have all signed up for a monthly subscription after being satisfied with my first work with them.
Social Media Management - Ran all of our company's social media platforms with generally great success.

SEO Auditing and Research - experience with using Ahrefs for keyword research, rank tracking, and competitor analysis
Webflow - developing sites with webflow
React JS: Building webapps for several other crypto projects
Newsletters - wrote and organized a newsletter with more than 5,000 subscribers
Copywriting - Extensive experience writing blog posts and technical documentation for various businesses and crypto companies. I have also written several case studies.
Digital Ad Campaigns - I ran several campaigns on the major ad networks Google, FB, LinkedIn. They were all remarketing campaigns using audiences I built from UTM tracking and GTM. Overall had a 67.4% conversion rate.

PR - Speaking as the face of the brand via my former boss's LinkedIn as an 'industry influencer'
Project Management - Led scrum daily standups, and managed team and bench.

As far as software competencies, I have experience with the following:

G-suite,, Pipedrive, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, GA, SparkToro, GTM, Buffer, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, HotJar, AzDo, Figma, Webflow, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, Tableau and more

That covers most of the things that I have direct hands-on experience with. As I said before I am more than willing to learn new tech stacks and techniques, I am very adaptable and a quick learner.

🏝 More Details

🌍 Locations: Nomadic, (although typically in Europe and UAE), Remote

💬 Languages: English, Polish

💰 Expectations: $7,000-$10,000 USD + Allocations/Equity

🎓 University: Collegium Civitas, 2022

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