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my name is Gabriel Domanowski I am 25 years old young software developer. For 2017 I've been interested in cryptocurrencies and in my free time I learn day trading on crypto market and make research innovations in that space. I have 8 years of experience as Software Developer.
Current Location: Wrocław Languages: English, Polish
Skills: Python Solidity Software Engineering Go

💼 Experience

Software Developer Bright Coders'​ Factory
September 2023 to Present (3 mos)
Python Cloud Computing Snowflake Go AWS

- Help to develop workshop legacy/greenfield database migration to Snowlake
- Create a backend for the client portal in Acai soft project
- Conceptual work Airflow + Snowflake

Senior Software Developer Looksoft
March 2023 to May 2023 (2 mos) ▪️ Contract ▪️ Remote
Cloud Computing Dynamodb Go Microservices
* During work for H2B they delegate me to the Goodsafe project, I participated in a project that secured document manager by cryptography. My responsibility was to write Lambdas in GoLang, design NoSQL table in Dynamodb, participate in Code Review
Founder DevAction
January 2023 to Present (11 mos) ▪️ Self-employed ▪️ Remote
Analysis Product Management Planning Project Management
* Some work as "Requirement engineer", preparing software requirements specification(SRS) including described problem, solution, writing customer path, and timeline with sprint breakdown and costs using COCOMO II, Delphi methodology, describing functional and non-functional requirements.
* Cooperate with PeaceVenture to build Software House with minimal risk, I am responsible for technical customer service, HR, trade with HR companies, page section support, financial investment
* Contract work as Software Developer
* Build a network of crypto people and establish relationships
IT Manager PaceVentures
November 2022 to September 2023 (10 mos) ▪️ Contract
➡️ Taking care of the client's successes
➡️ Professional offering in regard to customers' needs
➡️ Recruitment of new members
➡️ Operating model design
➡️ Establishing relationships with technology companies and HR agencies
➡️ Writing a plan proposal for business partners (RFP)
Team Leader Tenset
December 2020 to October 2022 (1 yrs 10 mos)
Javascript React Solidity Data Analytics Backend Development
* Worked with colleagues to create prototypes for designs and whitepaper materials.
* Explored IBC solutions and selecting according to the necessary business requirements.
* Participated in cross-functional team-building activities.
* Demonstrated products for business
* Coached team members in blockchain technology, preparation of training materials
* Designing multiple architectures. Micro services, smart contracts oriented architecture.
* Implemented, tested and audited open-source software to interact with on- chain smart contracts.
* Architected, developed and deployed decentralized applications to provide permission access to data at smart contract and protocol levels.
* Constructed integration libraries to interface with servers and APIs.
* Increased customer satisfaction by resolving issues.
* Wrote our own off-chain implementation for internal transaction processing.
* I analyzed the datasets to calculate the ROI from staking
* Proved successful working within tight deadlines and fast-paced atmosphere. Maintained energy and enthusiasm in fast-paced environment.
Collaborated with engineering team to review application requirements, plan implementation details and estimate delivery timelines.
Cooperation with international IT teams
Software Developer Grupa Wirtualna Polska
January 2020 to May 2021 (1 yrs 4 mos) ▪️ Full-time
Python Software Engineering Django Postgresql Redis
* Collaborated with project managers to select ambitiously, but realistic coding milestones on pre-release software project development.
* We learned a GoLang to develop a new proxy server. It was supposed to be fast and with the shortest possible latency.
* Taking over the maintenance of systems from another team in order to relieve them.
* Maintenance and optimization of marketing automation systems.
* Joining forces with another team. We have developed a new and efficient code review process for us
* Participated in software testing to verify performance of developed projects. Code profiling, looking for memory leaks.
* Designed reusable and reliable code for use within distributed cloud environments.
* I analyzed the data to reduce cost discrepancies between the publisher's reports and ours
* I analyzed data sets to look for information required by the business and generate reports based on that.
Junior Software Developer Grupa Wirtualna Polska
July 2018 to December 2019 (1 yrs 5 mos) ▪️ Full-time
Databases Programming Frontend Development Backend Development
As a young developer, I had a great time strong my skills as a software developer. I joined to advertising and big data department. I had the pleasure to get to know, how the advertising mechanism works.
* Documented technical workflows and knowledge to educate newly hired employees.
* Wrote and executed effective unit tests
* I learned a lot and used valuable advice from my colleagues.
* Discussed issues with team members to provide resolution and apply best practices.
* Updated old code bases to modern development standards, improving functionality.
* I had the opportunity to work briefly on a microservice
* Developing DevOps work. Writing docker images. Writing CI / CD configuration files for multiple services. Eliminating manual work in deploying.
Founder Fireart.pl
June 2015 to June 2018 (3 yrs 0 mos) ▪️ Freelance
Programming Prototyping Planning Leadership Administrations
* Studied the market to determine the optimal pricing of goods and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
* Expanding client networks and maintaining relations, taking care of the workflow from design to implementation, and collecting and managing orders in such a way as to finish the work on time.
* Design of UML diagrams and implementation of interfaces based on it
* Configuring virtual machines and NGINX servers.
* Creating templates in Wordpress from scratch + for WooCommerce. Writing original plug-ins
* Reduced monthly costs for customers by removing unnecessary databases and servers.
* Identifying customer needs, product presentation
* Built innovative microservices and Web Services(REST, SOAP)
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