Alpha Impact’s mission is to bring transparency, education and gamification to the way people invest in cryptocurrencies, by building a trading platform with social features. Our social media feed allows anyone to learn about crypto trading, and the traders on our platform have shared their real portfolio with our customers. We’re building our copy-trading platform supported by this transparent social media feed, to make it easier to trust who is an expert, and what those experts say about cryptocurrencies online.
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📍 Singapore ⏰ Since 2020 👨‍💼 2 - 10 Employees 📈 10,000 Community

😎 Our Culture

<p>We’re a team of builders, creators and operators who are proud to build towards a more financially inclusive world, offering economic opportunities to everyone: not just the top 1%. Our mission is to promote this inclusivity within the company as well. We’re a company where diversity and individuality are recognised and where everyone from intern to C-Level is valued.&nbsp;We’re changing the way people make investments in crypto, and we rely on our team to help us get there!</p><p>We believe in autonomy, responsibility, and fast iteration. We like hustlers, people who can think outside the box, wear multiple hats and get stuff done within aggressive deadlines. We work fast, push the boundaries, try new things and embrace life-long learning.</p><p><br>&nbsp;</p>
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