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Marketing/Community Manager active 51 minutes ago
Open to Offers πŸ“ zΓΌrich
Digital Marketing Social Media Content Marketing Affiliate Marketing Content Creation

No Big Talking, i will get the job done better than everyone else! More than 7 years in the space, let's do a call and i will tell you why you will not regret your pick!;)

Art director active 2 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ italy
Content Creation Video Production Graphic Design Ux/ui Design Communication

Working in advertising since 2008. Art director, video editor, content creator, occasionally copywriter. Automotive, fashion, food, energy.

Frontend Engineer active 2 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Nairobi, Kenya
Javascript Python React Solidity

Full Stack Software Engineer with expertise in ReactJS, and NodeJS. Proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions to complex problems across various industries, including finance. Experienced in agile methodologies and committed to exploring new technologies, providing companies with a c...

Software Developer active 4 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Gurugram , India
Solidity C++ Machine Learning Flutter DSA

Blockchain Engineer active 4 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ FlorianΓ³polis
Blockchain Development Rust Solidity

Blockchain engineer, with four years of experience in software development. I worked with Digital signal processing, Web programming and SmartContract development in Rust and Solidity. Furthermore, I have a high interest in economics and in the cryptocurrency world.

Trader active 4 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Delray Beach, Florida
Blockchain Development Python Frontend Development Digital Marketing Microsoft Excel

I became very interested in the crypto industry in 2014 when learning about Bitcoin in the library of my university as a sophomore. I began investing in the industry later that year having no idea what I would get myself into, but immediately became addicted to the industry. After years of self educ...

Remote active 4 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ San Jose Costa Rica

I am currently growing in the IT field and have over 10 years experience in Sales and Management where I was able to grow from a Sales Agent to COO and everything in between, so I believe this experience gives me traits that qualify me for the position and would love to have the opportunity to discu...

Content Writer/Copywriter active 5 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ New Delhi, India
Digital Marketing Social Media Affiliate Marketing Creative Writing

Crypto Content Writer with 3 years of experience in the industry as a freelancer and ghostwriter.

Community manager active 5 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Abuja Nigeria
Content Creation Graphic Design

1+years experience in Community Management role. Ability to develop creative, engaging and original content. Exceptional written and oral communication skills. Good customer service and interpersonal skills

Project Manager active 5 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Brazil
Product Management Project Management Jira Scrum

Business Development Manager active 9 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Bucharest, Romania
Product Development Microsoft Office Analysis Business Development Sales

Dedicated manager with operational experience across multiple industries and sectors, I created and operated business in technology, food and beverage and web 3.0, with an ability to work and adapt in high paced environments.

Business Development active 13 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Madrid, Spain.
Javascript React HTML CSS Business Development

Outlook customer service 1(810) 936*0200  phone number active 13 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ New York City
Python React

Outlook customer service number +1-810-936-0200 Outlook is part of the Microsoft family and has been offering many services for a few years. People appreciate these services and use them for their business and personal activities. It becomes the most reliable way to communicate with your friends or...

Mathematician, Analyst, Researcher active 15 hours ago
Open to Offers πŸ“ Tbilisi, Georgia
Python Data Science Mathematics Quantitative Finance Cryptology

PhD in Mathematics, experience in application of various mathematical models to solve real life problems (including machine learning but not limited to it), experience in quantitative finance (including risk management in a big bank), experience in cryptocurrencies since 2011.

Permotion active 18 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ South Africa

Moderator active 20 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Indonesia
Data Analytics Digital Marketing Mod Coding

UX Engineer active 21 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Jakarta, Indonesia
Javascript React HTML CSS Ux/ui Design

Hi, my name is Bayu. My daily task as is to become a "bridge" between UI Designer and Front End Developer. which ensure the component that created in design phase could implemented pixel perfect on coding phase. I am a currently working as UX Engineer from Indonesia. I have 6 years of experience and...

Community Manager, Moderator, Graphic Designer active 21 hours ago
Open to Offers πŸ“ Indonesia
Social Media Content Creation Branding & Identity Community Management Problem Solving

Hi, My name is Putera Sanjaya, but for international names you can call me Vito. I have 2 years of experience working as a moderator especially on crypto projects, 7 years experience as Graphic Designer and 1 year of experience as a Community Manager. I am someone who likes a work environment...

Customer support, Community Moderation, social media management active 23 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Ghana
Social Media Content Creation Community Management Customer Support Officer

I'm really energetic, and a great communicator. For 3 years in the crypto space I consider myself hard working as I have worked as community manager, community coordinator and Ambassador moderator for crypto projects and I have experience in social media management as I have managed several platform...

Digital Marketer active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“ Kenya
Content Marketing Social Media Marketing SEO Email Marketing

Distinguished web3 digital marketer with a proven track-record of conducting value-driven multi-channel marketing campaigns.