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Administration active 5 hours ago
Open to Offers πŸ“ United States
Splunk Enterprise Administrator

I consider myself a competitor and like to surround myself with other withe the same competitive spirit. I’m certified splunk enterprise administrator and looking for a administration role in a company.

Software Developer active 5 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Greece
Solidity Java Ee React

My name is Nikos Papadakis and I am writing to express my interest in the Blockchain field. My resume is attached for your review and there you can see my related experience in the industry as software developer and my very good capabilities. I do not have professional experience in Blockchain fi...

Blockchain Expert active 6 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ United States
Blockchain Web 3

Actively looking for remote work.

Copywriter active 11 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Beirut, Lebanon
Copywriting Digital Marketing Technical Writing

I am an experienced copywriter and digital marketer who can use powerful throat-grabbing sentences that convince people to take action. I am also a crypto enthusiast with a lot of knowledge of the blockchain.

Smart Contract Developer active 11 hours ago
Open to Offers πŸ“
Cairo Huff Rust Solidity Sway Yul

evm fanboy. smart contract dev. smart contract auditor.

Digital Marketer & Writer active 11 hours ago
Open to Offers πŸ“ Turin, Italy
Creative Writing Seo Writing Digital Marketing Adobe Cs Analytics Community Management

I am an ambitious professional eager for new career opportunities. My main interests are cryptocurrency, sports (football in particular), and pop culture. However, what I enjoy the most is putting all of these together in one of my favorite hobbies: writing. Professionally, I rely on content as a...

Frontend Web3 Developer active 13 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Zomba, Malawi
Solidity Javascript

Hi I’m Francis and am passionate about everything Blockchain. I work hard, care about writing clean code and I genuinely love to learn new things. I have interest in Defi, Metaverse, Cryptogaming and NFTs. I am currently looking for the right opportunity to work with Web3 technology that changes...

Content Operations Senior Market Analyst active 13 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Malaysia

I'm able to handle stressful work situations and have good communication skills. Moreover, I have more than 4 years of forex and crypto trading experience. Hence, I'm able to provide quality technical and fundamental analysis for both forex and crypto. On top of that, I also have 4 years of experien...

Rust SWE active 14 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Mumbai
Rust Golang

I (Vinay Sawant) Software Engineer having 8+ years of experience in designing & developing products for E-Commerce, Fintech and the Healthcare Industry. Developed high-end products using Advanced analytics and machine learning. Interested in developing high QPS distributed systems that are data &...

Solidity Developer active 15 hours ago
Available Now πŸ“ Hyderabad

4 YRS in Web Development | 6 Months in Blockchain | Sound good of Solidity, JavaScript, Node.js | Knowledge of Rust

BD + Partnerships Leader active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“ New York City
Gtm Strategy Bd/partnerships Management Contract Negotiation Data Analytics Database Building Crm Tools

Hey! I’m Robert Michael. I’ve been in business dev and partnerships β€œprofessionally” for a little over 5 years, but I’ve been developing businesses + partnerships since I was 13 years old. Hustle, grit and creativity are my pillars of strength. But back to professional experience: I started as an...

social media marketing and account manager active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“
Social Media Marketing Graphic Design Website Building Content Publishing Account Manager Social Media Marketing Pr Release

Hi guys, I'm Mike looking to be employed, I have 4 years of experience in crypto marketing, blockchain together with NFT, Defi, crypto gaming, casino and more, 2 to 3 years of experience managing accounts, Twitter, Instagram , facebook and several social networks and an experience of about two years...

Blockchain Developer active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“ Japan
Typescript React Node.js SQL Solidity Web3.js Rust Cosmos Sdk

- Logical and results-driven full stack developer dedicated to building and optimizing user-focused websites and applications. - Judicious and creative when crafting effective websites, apps, and platforms to propel competitive advantage and revenue growth. - Technically proficient and analytical...

Marketing Director active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“ Philippines
Investment Relations Marketing Community Management

I am a director of brand marketing, with experience in managing global teams and marketing and investment campaigns in the Blockchain Industry.

Community and Content Moderator active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“ Italy
Discord Twitter Telegram Teamwork Leadership

Community and Content Moderator since 2019. I have worked on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and my employer's website. I speak native Italian and (B2) advanced English. You can contact me by email ([email protected]) or by phone at +39 3703140045

Battle-Tested Web3 Copywriter, Community Lead, and b2b Customer Success Department Lead active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“ East Coast, US
Copywriting Team-Management Community Management B2B Sales Customer Retention Business Development Outreach Entrepreneurship Promotion

I began my journey in 2020, working my way up from volunteer community roles to paid, professional work for a couple of token-projects. I have experience in copywriting, community organizing, community growth, b2b customer retention, sales, and more. Working for an ambitious startup, Embr, provi...

Head of growth / communications active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“ Spain
Community Management Communications Content Creation Business Development Analytics

I've been working as a blockchain community manager for one of the biggest staking provider in the crypto industry for about 2 years. I managed two separate Twitter accounts. One was dedicated to a Validator account on a popular interoperability project and the other one was the official account of...

Affiliate / Community Manager active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“ Ghana
Python R HTML

l am a self motivated individual, results oriented, enterprising, problem solver, manager, a leader, organizer, critical thinker, analytical, and focus. l am looking for and opportunity to use my skills to contribute to the success and growth of an organisation. It is because of this that l decided...

Tecnico della blockchain indipendente active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“ Italia

Sono un giovane tecnico che sta effettuando un corso sulla blockchain della filiera agroalimentare

React/Web3 Developer active 1 day ago
Available Now πŸ“ United States
React Web3 Ether.js Javascript Typescript

I'm an aspiring full stack developer, constantly working on new projects, learning new technologies, and expanding my tech skills everyday bit by bit. Currently, my strengths in development include working knowledge is React, Redux, Typescript, Web3.