Do more with your DAO. ฤ€ut is an extendable protocol, designed to expand decentralized communities through composable Governance modules โ€“ and power the next generation of Human Coordination.

It does so by "expanding" any Legacy DAO Contract โ€“ adding native concepts such as Roles, Commitment and Interactions directly at contract level.

More about it @ docs.aut.idย 

Join a team of Web3-native, competitive hackers, researchers and protocol designers โ€“ backed by the kinds of Consensys and Protocol Labs, and with 5+ years of individual experience in decentralized technologies.
Fully remote culture, with frequent team meetings around Europe, for friendly retreats, conferences and the occasional hack :)

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ฤ€ut Protocol

Web3 Tech Lead

ฤ€ut Protocol
๐Ÿ’ผ Tech โฐ Full Time ๐ŸŒ Remote
Published on 01 Sep 2022
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