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Zest Protocol is on a mission to expand the Bitcoin economy by building the first on-chain Bitcoin capital markets. We’re building a Bitcoin lending protocol that enables Bitcoin liquidity providers to earn Bitcoin yield through professionally managed lending pools. Zest pools lend to the most credit-worthy participants in the Bitcoin economy, allowing them to borrow against their future earnings and thus growing the Bitcoin economy. We just went through our first smart contract audit and are ready to launch in Q4 2022.

Zest Protocol is incubated from Trust Machines The mission of Trust Machines is to grow the Bitcoin economy. We’ve recently raised $150M to realize this vision, build Bitcoin apps, and the open-source technologies required to unleash the true potential of Bitcoin for DeFi and Decentralized Applications.

We are a remote friendly-company β€” with our headquarters in New York and a strong commitment to ensuring people can do great work here and thrive without having to live near an office. This role is open to candidates across the world.

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