International Conference on Internet of Things Based on Blockchain
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ICIOTBB 2023: 17. International Conference on Internet of Things Based on Blockchain

July 10-11, 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Internet of Things Based on Blockchain Conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Internet of Things Based on Blockchain Conference. 

It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Internet of Things Based on Blockchain Conference.


  1. Blockchain in Saudi e-Government: A Systematic Literature Review - Haitham Assiri, Majed Eljazzar, Priyadarsi Nanda
  2. Paradigm of Digital Twin Application in Project Management in Architecture, Engineering and Construction - Kwok Tak Kit
  3. A Business-to-Business Collaboration System That Promotes Data Utilization While Encrypting Information on the Blockchain - Hiroaki Nasu, Ryota Miyamoto, Yuta Kodera, Yasuyuki Nogami
  4. Integrating Blockchain and Internet of Things Platforms: An Empirical Study on Immunization Cold Chain
    - F. Abujalala, A. Elmangoush, M. Ashibani
  5. Sustainable Engineering Paradigm Shift in Digital Architecture, Engineering and Construction Ecology within Metaverse - Kwok Tak Kit
  6. Revolution of IoT Development in Smartest City: Review of Smart City Development in Singapore and Hong Kong - Kwok Tak Kit
  7. Development of a Smart Liquid Level Controller - Adamu Mudi, Fawole Wahab Ibrahim, Abubakar Abba Kolo
  8. Security Strengths and Weaknesses of Blockchain Smart Contract System: A Survey - Malaw Ndiaye, Karim Konate
  9. Ethereum Based Smart Contracts for Trade and Finance - Rishabh Garg
  10. A Blockchain-Based Privacy-Preserving Physical Delivery System - Shahin Zanbaghi, Saeed Samet
  11. Adopting Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Techniques in Cloud Computing for Operational Efficiency - Sandesh Achar
  12. Blockchain for IoT Security and Privacy in Healthcare Sector - Umair Shafique, Hafiz Usman Zia, Fiaz Majeed, Samina Naz, Javeria Ahmed, Maleeha Zainab
  13. The Integration of Patient Health Record Generated from Wearable and Internet of Things Devices into Health Information Exchanges - Dalvin D. Hill, Hector M. Castro Garcia
  14. Development of an Intelligent Decision Support System for Smart Viticulture - C. M. Balaceanu, G. Suciu, C. S. Bosoc, O. Orza, C. Fernandez, Z. Viniczay
  15. Blockchain’s Feasibility in Military Data Networks - Brenden M. Shutt, Lubjana Beshaj, Paul L. Goethals, Ambrose Kam

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