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About the Job

NFTBooking project is working on developing the first NFT marketplace platform dedicated entirely to tourism where hotels, travel companies, and accommodation owners can sell their services.
A utility token has been deployed already, the same as social and website.

Our first goal from now is to release an NFT collection that will grant benefits like stand-alone passive income and platform related, plus utilities like an airport lounge and private concierge for travellers.

About the open positions:

---Fluent English is a must---

#ATTENTION# As an applicant for a specific role, you have to choose if to become an employee and get paid monthly or to become part of the team.
As an employee, you won't be entitled to company shares, tokens and any other benefit. And we will be able to make a valid contract and start paying for a monthly salary (to be defined) only after that the company is fully established and the first collection sell-out.

Instead, as a team member, you will receive a share of the company, tokens, one NFT and five whitelist spots for the first and every further collection, and a portion of cash raised from the NFT collection sell-out.
That percentage of shares is dictated by timing, degree of contribution and level of commitment.

Available positions inside the Executive Team:

-Chief Financial Officer:
Responsible for accounting and reporting that supports management decision-making.
You will work with the CEO, Management and Marketing Team.

-Chief Technology Officer:
Responsible for outlining the technological vision, implementing technology strategies and ensuring that technical resources meet the company's short and long-term needs.
You will work with the CEO, CSO, Development, Management and Design Team.

Chief Security Officer:
Responsible for understanding the security challenges in the current and future state of NFTBooking's business operations and preparing NFTBooking with the right tools, skills, resources, relationships and capabilities against growing information security risks.
You will work with the CEO, CTO and Development Team.


Available positions inside the Development Team:

- Front/Back end website development:
You will be in charge of following the NFTBooking platform development closely with the company dedicated to the task.
You will work

Product Owner:
Responsible for growth product management, as well as the UI/UX to bring out the best customer experience.

Business analyst:
responsible for gathering business and system requirements from the management team and suggesting ideas and providing solutions.

Talent Acquisition:
Manage to advise and coordinate with all Head of Department stakeholders to fill their workforce requests and report directly to CEO on recruiting strategies, plans, status; as well as implement employer branding practices to attract and retain talents.


Available positions inside the Marketing Team:

-Social media manager:
Take care of daily tasks for NFTBooking main social platform, including grinding Twitter and curating posts and articles on Instagram, Medium and other channels.


Available positions inside the Design Team:

-UX/UI Designer:
Work closely with the rest of the Design and Development Team. Curate every design aspect of the NFTBooking landing page website.
Work together with the front/back end developer.

Available positions inside the Management Team:

-Operations Manager:
You will need to have deep understanding of the Italian territory, previous experience as travel agent and be fluent in English.
You will work mostly as private concierge assistant providers to the elite customers.
Also you will work with the Business Development figure inside the management team, in order to lead the PRs team to acquire hotels and other travel related company.

-Business Development:
Responsible for overseeing the growth and health of NFTBooking partnerships to enhance market presence and user adoption organically.

-Product Manager:
Understanding and representing user needs.
Monitoring the market and developing competitive analyses.
Aligning stakeholders around the vision for the product.
Prioritizing product features and capabilities.

-Community developer:
Handle, follow, inspire and guide the present and upcoming community through NFTBooking Discord, Twitter and in any events that will take place in VR or RL.


nft, crypto, travel


equity + tokens + NFTs

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