Sales Executive at Hypercube

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About the Job

Want to work for the biggest and oldest video marketing agency in the crypto space?
Hypercube has been making the best videos in crypto since 2013. Check out

We are looking for experienced salespeople to join our CEO in closing video deals with new and exciting projects in the Web3 space.

Hard requirements, please don't respond if you don't meet them.

- You have a deep knowledge of crypto/web3/defi/nfts with a passion to keep learning, every day

- You have an existing network and history in the industry. No newbies.

- Youโ€™re based in the US to cover that area of the globe, timezone-wise.

Sales experience is a plus, but ex-marketing execs or project founders can also be a good fit.
Charisma and the ability to ask good questions and LISTEN are paramount.

Hypercube pays a generous commission and bonusses.

You have optional exposure to our deal flow into early-stage projects. (presales, seed rounds etc)

We're looking for people in the US to cover that area of the globe, timezone-wise.

Hypercube is a big, friendly team that's respectful and supportive.

Apply today and land the most awesome sales role in the industry. #wagmi


People skills, communication, negotiation


Generous commision and bonusses

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