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About the Job

Reserve Protocol, a stablecoin for scaling prosperity project, is looking for ambassadors to help promote the project.

Currently we are looking for ambassadors on the following roles:

Poet - Content Creator
Create different content for the purpose of engaging the community. Content Creators are expected to launch viral marketing campaigns, including sticker packs, infographics, text/image memes, video content, articles, etc.

Legionary - Social Media Specialist
Interact with the Reserve Protocol community and navigate the social media landscape, evangelize the project, combat FUD, and generally be a reliable community representative. Social Media Specialists are expected to participate in discussion on different social media platforms, such as Reddit, Twitter, 4chan, etc.

Interpres - Translator
Translate marketing materials and product materials into additional languages for greater reach.

Scribe - Technical Writer
Write detailed, informative and technical posts about Reserve Protocol and its various features and competitive advantages.

Emissary - Regional Ambassador
Interact with your local community and help promote Reserve Protocol to people in need of its features. Regional Ambassadors are expected to live in one of the high-inflation countries which are a potential market for Reserve Protocol. Besides that, Regional Ambassadors are expected to have community influence to help promote the project.

The following reward scheme is in play:

Optio tier (everyone starts at this level)
$250 USD-equivalent in RSR Tokens at the market price at the day of payment

Centurion tier
Rewarded up to an additional $250 USD-equivalent in RSR, $500 total

Legatus tier
1) Rewarded up to an additional $500 USD-equivalent in RSR, $1000 total

Looking forward to your applications!


Marketing, social media



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