Asset Management CTO with Blockchain Skills at Alpha Innovations

Asset Management CTO with Blockchain Skills

Alpha Innovations
Remote New York/Bermuda
Posted 782 days ago

Firm Overview

Alpha Innovations is a next-generation asset management company that is moving quickly to disrupt the industry. As our name suggests, we are hyper-focused on mining a finite resource – persistent alpha. We have designed our firm from the ground up to cost-effectively extract various forms of alpha from different markets, and deliver that alpha to our investors. By leveraging the latest technologies and our extensive experience in the finance world, we create offerings with highly compelling returns and avoid many of the risks and expenses associated with traditional asset management. We have engineered a firm for the future–one with the unwavering goal of enriching our valued investors.

Role Description

Our corporate focus on innovative technologies necessitates first class technology leadership. This CTO role will serve a critical function and will be at the vanguard of designing and implementing cutting edge technology solutions that will make AI a truly scalable and cost-effective business. As a new firm, the upside is that we have no legacy systems to burden us, and therefore have a fresh canvas upon which to develop solutions that push the envelope of what is possible. The downside, of course, is that we have a lot to build. We are seeking a leader who is up for what perhaps will be the greatest challenge of her or his career.

Key Responsibilities

-Spec out requirements for all firm systems, including OMS/EMS, risk management and back office systems; and make buy/build decisions.
Manage a diverse range of projects and external engineering teams, including blockchain developers.

- Work with external service providers to push for adoption and integration of innovative technologies, including blockchain.
Design and implement network security plan.
Manage vendor relationships.
Develop policies and procedures related to all aspects of our technology infrastructure.
Create roadmap for the evolution of our technology to ensure we maintain our leadership position.

Required Traits and Skills

- Must have a demonstrable track record of thinking way outside the box to produce innovative solutions.
- 10+ years of experience supporting investment businesses on buyside or sellside.
Expertise in blockchain technologies.
Proven success in hiring, managing and mentoring best in class internal and external engineering teams.
- Experience in both large and small enterprises.
- As AI is a rapidly growing and evolving company, we need a technology leader who can not only keep pace, but also be a pacesetter.


enterprise, blockchain


negotiable + Equity

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