Backend Blockchain Engineer at The Arcadia Group

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About the Job

The Arcadia Group is a mid-sized software development company based out of Dallas, Texas. We are specialized in Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, Enterprise SaaS Solutions, and Mobile App Development.

Arcadia is looking to hire a C++ Backend Engineer to join the Arcadia Engineer Resource Pool for upcoming blockchain development contracts.

Responsibilities of a Backend Engineer:
* Implementing different BIPs ( SLIPs ( ) onto both existing blockchains and new blockchain implementations
* Researching existing implementation methods for common problems within the blockchain space such as issues of scaling, SPV wallets, user privacy and key generation methods
* Researching new solutions for existing problems within the blockchain space, such as decentralized pseudonyms for payment codes, user-centric mobile architecture, and transaction anonymization.
* Working with Google Cloud for Chain Deployment and Management, and Code Fresh for CI/CD Processes.
* Develop business-logic centric solutions
* Work with existing C++ implementations of existing blockchain solutions & systems
This is a multiple hire listing


C++, Blockchain, Google Cloud, CodeFresh



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