Backend Software Engineer (Python) at Playground Labs

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About the Company

Playground Labs’ mission is to bring more equitable ownership and compensation models to the next generation of gaming. We accomplish this through a suite of unique blockchain-enabled products, principally web3 games and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). We construct both of these with purpose & intent to fully release control of the products to the community after ensuring that they have been properly incubated. Team members are passionate about leveraging blockchain to provide economic opportunities to people across the globe, and see gaming as a natural education on-ramp for the ecosystem. We work closely with dominant Layer 1 protocols to ensure that our employees have access to robust technical troubleshooting suites and cutting-edge tools to stay ahead of the game. The expected base salary for this position ranges from $75k-150k. The actual base salary will be determined on an individual basis taking into account a number of factors including, but not limited to, experience, education, relevant certifications, skills, and geographic location.

About the Job

Playground Labs is seeking a Backend Software Engineer to build the backbone of cutting-edge web3 technologies. Backend Engineers who are experienced with building backends, are excited about web3 and gaming opportunities and possess a desire to contribute to a smart, nimble team will excel in this role.

Backend Software Engineers at Playground Labs implement REST APIs using Python frameworks for web3 products and build web3 integrations, including integrations with blockchains and web3 games. Our backend tech stack is primarily in Python with FastAPI, supported by MySQL, and deployed on AWS.

Job Responsibilities
-Design and implement backends for web3 products
-Implement REST API with Python
-Integrate backends with web3, blockchains, DAOs, and smart contracts

-Fluent in Python and SQL
Experience with Python web frameworks including (e.g., FastAPI, Flask, and Django)
-Familiarity with cloud infrastructure
-Three or more years of professional software engineering experience
-Three references

-Participant in open-source software
-Experience with web3 technologies
-Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Mathematics


Python, SQL, Python web frameworks, e.g., FastAPI, Flask, Django, Familiarity with cloud infrastructure, 3+ years of software engineering


70k-150k USD/ year

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