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About the Job

THORWallet is a mobile cross-chain DEX that allows to swap and store native (non-wrapped) Layer 1 assets in a fully non-custodial and decentralized way. Our aim is to become the Robinhood app of DeFi. A one-stop solution for your crypto finances that safeguards and appreciates the values of why the blockchain technology was invented in the first place: financial fairness, inclusion & empowerment through decentralization.

We are looking for a developer that is passionate about building DeFi solution with us.

                • Develop clean and reusable code
                • Maintain Backends and/or Frontends
                • Bring ideas and innovative UX/UI patterns
                • Write and test clean, maintainable, and secure code
                • Provide helpful, tactful, and critical feedback for pull requests

                • Strong expertise in React Native (+2 years) and in building nice UX/UI patterns.
                • Experience working and interacting with various blockchains
                • Comfortable with AWS and basic DevOps.
                • Passionate about the blockchain philosophy and understanding of the DeFi landscape
                • Collegiate attitude and desire to share knowledge and support others who are learning by writing/publishing.
                • History of working with strongly-typed languages.
                • Fluency in English is a must.

                • Worked on/with Dapps similar to Uniswap, Aave etc
                • Previous experience running and syncing nodes
• Experience building NodeJS API's.
                • Familiar with THORChain

                • Competitive salary.
                • TGT tokens.
                • Fully remote.
                • Help build out a cutting edge technology that will change the face of the blockchain industry.
                • Work closely with top teams in the space that we're partnering with on collaborations.
                • Small & friendly team.
                • You will be able to develop yourself above average in our uniquely attractive environment.
                • Work self-determined and make a contribution to the further development of yourself and our company.
                • Reshape the future of finance!


React Native, Node.js, blockchain, DeFi


6 000- 8 000 euro per month

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