Blockchain Development Engineer at Wetez

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About the Company

Wetez has been a professional web3 service provider since 2018. The services we offer can be divided into three parts: the validation services, the infrastructure services and the API services. Currently we are managing about $49 million valued staking assets and serving 30+ PoS networks, like Polygon, Cosmos, Solana, Mina, etc. Learn more about us:

About the Job

Job Description
1.Participate in the research of new blockchain projects, run&maintain nodes.
2.Actively participate in the community communication, to catch up on the latest technology trends of nodes and enhance the influence of Wetez in the community.

1.Bachelor degree or above, 2+ years working experience in blockchain or computer science.
2.The experience in Linux system operation and maintenance, familiar with shell script.
3.Master at least one back-end programming language, such as Go, Python, PHP, etc.
4.Great English document reading ability.
5.Familiar with blockchain technology or experience is preferred.
6.Excellent teamwork, good learning and research ability.
7.Chinese speakers are preferred.


Go, Python, PHP


3,000 - 6,000 + Equity

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