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About the Job

At Hammer Of The Gods (HOT-G - we are building tools that enable the development of unique experiences at the intersection of AI, edge computing, and crypto.

Our specific focus is on facilitating the computational metaverse, where using our tools edge devices will be able to generate verifiable knowledge. Our foundational work started with the creation of Rune. Rune is an open-source project focused on making edge computing portable. Our Rune technology, built on Rust currently runs on several edge devices including phones, browsers, cloud, and embedded systems. We are now working on bringing Rune to bridge on and off-chain computations!

This is where you come in :)

What you will be working on:
* As our crypto and blockchain engineer you will work closely with our core team to build on top of our Rune VM technology
* Develop the crypto Rune virtual machine (VM) - This is our flagship decentralized computing runtime
* Work on the edge computing DevOps and orchestration platform for on-chain events
* Develop smart contracts and use several cryptographic techniques to optimize crypto Rune VM
* Collaborate with the OSS community to drive adoption of our products

Required skills:
* Good understanding of distributed systems and key computer science concepts
* Expertise in Rust programming language
* Working experience with one or more chains: Solana, Polkadot, Substrate, Kusama
* Experience building smart contracts - preferably on Solana, but other blockchains works as well
* Working knowledge about ZK-Proofs and SNARKs is a big plus
* Familiarity with AI, machine learning, TinyML, edge computing is a big plus

Some challenges we've faced in the past:
* Designing a fully functional virtual machine that can run on the phone browser that runs AI and other computations. You will be taking this to the next level by building off-chain DevOps for on-chain events running on any edge that Rune runs on (including a mobile browser).


Rust, Solana, Edge computing


10000 USD / Month + Equity

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