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Come join a company that will change the automotive industry like Tesla did...

NOTE: This position is Equity Stake / co-Founder ONLY in lieu of a salary!!

One Car Payment™ is looking for very talented remote Blockchain engineers to join our team. The One Car Payment™ platform is an A.I. / Blockchain driven payment services provider in the Automotive FinTech space. We are looking for a Lead Full Stack Engineer who is passionate about building innovative solutions using Blockchain tech stack to help drive the rapid growth of a new venture.

Our product is inspired by Blockchain technology and creates innovative solutions, platforms, and infrastructure add-ins to enable differentiated concepts and use cases within the Automotive Financial & Insurance Market. These technologies will use cryptographic protocols and distributed storage techniques enabled by leading Blockchain stacks. We are looking for a guru to join our team and who is a leader. One who is passionate about building world-class, highly scalable Automotive FinTech services.

All About you

You most likely identify as a(n):

Talented Full Stack Engineer that loves building highly-scalable service-based applications.
Polyglot that readily picks up or learn new languages, tools, frameworks or hobbies.
Maker that does not relent until finding an elegant and practical solution to a problem.
A master who understands the value of automation and infrastructure as “code eats the world”.
Collaborator that thrives in a social atmosphere and actively contributes to improving processes, workflows, and communication.
You can probably also:

Describe the faults and shortcomings of your favorite blockchain platforms on languages/ tools/ frameworks/ movie or beer/wine…
Name a few pet BC design principles that drive you really nuts when not used or understood properly (they're few).
Our Requirements

Required weekly Sunday conference call (project status, new app dev, team dev, etc.).
Constant communication with remote co-founders & colleagues (Stack, Asana).
Bachelor of Science degree (CS, CE, EE, Math, Comp. Physics, etc) preferred or super strong history in the CS/CE field, working on awesome products for the last 5+ years.
3+ years of Experience/ Leading work on Blockchain technologies and crypto platforms you would want to work with and lead the development of leading-edge cryptosystems [you should know how to develop Blockchain tech within AWS and with non-AWS tools that are extensible, reusable and meets desired architectural objectives].
3+ years of Experience/ Leading work on Crypto technologies and the willingness to learn new technologies (experience with non-crypto languages is okay too, you should be able to get up-to-speed on at least one of them super quickly).
3+ years of Crypto DB Design, and create DB services and system architecture to contribute and provide feedback to other team members DB design and features.
3+ years of Experience with Linux/Unix and scripting languages like Python, Perl, Shell scripting, etc.
Help improve our code quality through writing unit tests, automation and performing code reviews.
A track record of projects completed on time – you are a flawless executor, not a procrastinator.
Participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute ideas to our technology, algorithms, products and want to solve head-scratching challenges.
You’re so much fun to work with, that if you were working on the weekend, we’d want to help and join you.
Your Essential skills

Deep Experience & Development of Blockchain / Crypto technologies using the Bitcoin / Ethereum / AWS platforms, technologies, products & languages.
Deep Experience & Development of Crypto DB, OO programming, design, technologies, and platforms i.e.: soft & hard wallet storage, hash generator, hash cipher, crypto cloud storage, etc.
Using version control (e.g. SVN/SCM)
Excellent debugging and optimization skills.
Desirable skills

Certified AWS Guru [bonus points] -Experience in Network Hardware Administration, HTTPS, VPN, protocols & etc.. [extra bonus points if you have CCNA / CCDP]
Experience in Long-form string Crypto technologies using sub-atomic hash /cipher tech. [Nice to have but few know about]
Experience in Long-form string Crypto technologies using sub-atomic hash /cipher tech. [Nice to have but few know about]
There are always exceptions, and we hire exceptional individuals, so nothing on this list is strictly required. However, if any of these skills sound like you, then you are probably a damn good fit for our team. Please send a link[s] of your current portfolio of past work, and a PDF copy of your cv/resume to resumeatonecarpaymentdotcom.

About One Car Payment ™

One Car Payment™ builds an application that helps consumers become free from the financial pitfalls of car ownership. Our products allow anyone to own any car they want, really – why

One Car Payment™ builds an application that helps consumers become free from the financial pitfalls of car ownership. Our products allow anyone to own any car they want, really – why drive a plain car when you really want to drive a car you love to drive. Our mindset is to help consumers become financially stable in owning their car. Why waste 20-60% of your salary to own a car?

Company Perks

Early stage equity (pre-VC / Angel Investor)
Flexible hours (min 15 to 25 hrs+)
Remote work (why travel to work, work from home)
Work with co-workers are PASSIONATE & FANATICAL about what we do
One Car Payment™ is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Extremely Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of Any Kind. - Don't spread the hate, spread the power of love.

NOTE: If you represent an app development or recruitment company, PLEASE DO NOT apply or contact us via email/phone. We will not accept any proposals submitted.

Salary $290k or 12 BTC per year
Equity 0.50% to 3.0%


Python, Solidity/Remix,


$290k or 12 BTC per yr + Equity

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