Blockchain Engineer / Solidity Developer at Hoard, Inc.

Blockchain Engineer / Solidity Developer

Hoard, Inc.
Remote Charlotte, NC
Posted 1354 days ago

Good money drives out bad, and cryptocurrencies and the new token economy are bringing an end to the hegemony of traditional financial institutions. Hoard is looking for talented backend developers who want to effect these changes, make some serious money, and have fun doing it. Applicants must have major enthusiasm for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

We need you to help us create a scalable, powerful, and customer-focused platform to exchange tokens, accelerate transactions, and bring top Wall Street fintech to mass adoption. Must have experience as a major contributor to cryptocurrency projects. Knowledge of best practices in the blockchain and smart contract space are VERY important.


- Writing and maintaining smart contracts across current and future smart contract platforms.
- Developing oracle contracts and integrating with supporting microservices.
- Providing solid critiques and reviews of your co-workers code.
- Contribute creative insights in our bleeding edge industry to help our team make the right decisions and find big opportunities.
- Have a customer-centric mindset.
- Pager-duty shift responsibilities.


- Experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, specifically major currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.
- Intimate knowledge of the Ethereum platform, including but not limited to Solidity.
- Running, maintaining, and developing full nodes and/or masternodes.
- Experience writing and contributing to Open Source Software projects.
- Be a good communicator, especially with remote co-workers.
- Writing strong, efficient tests to protect our codebase from bugs and our customers from hackers and scaling issues.

Bonus points:

- A love of Python 3.
- Cryptocurrency trading skills and technical analysis knowledge.
- Familiarity with the common tools in the cryptocurrency industry, such as exchanges, signals services, running nodes, and developing wallets.
- Fintech compliance knowledge.


Cryptography, Software Testing, Bitcoin, Open Source Software, Ethereum, Solidity, Cryptocurrency, Truffle


$120K - $160K + crypto and + Equity

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