Blockchain Exchange Engineer at Immutable

Blockchain Exchange Engineer

Sydney, Australia
Posted 114 days ago

Our unique platform-as-as-service enables game developers to easily create and operate marketplaces where players can then buy, sell and trade “in-game assets” (e.g., skins, weapons and tools) with each other. By leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain, for the first time ever, players have true ownership and control over their in-game assets.

We are backed by top-tier investors including Naspers Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Apex Capital and Coinbase. With US$15m raised in venture funding, and over US$6m in revenue from our genesis sale we are very well positioned to leverage our first-mover advantage globally and make ownership of in-game assets go mainstream.

Our first title, Gods Unchained, is already the number one blockchain game in terms of players, revenue and secondary asset trading. In fact, Gods Unchained has issued more in-game assets than all other blockchain games, put together.. More games are set to join the platform in 2020.

That's where you come in...

The Blockchain Exchange Engineer will help design, architect and build the fastest, most secure exchange ever developed for trading player-owned in-game assets. They will work to ensure that these in-game items become assets in the full sense of the word: providing liquid value to players and being traded by serious traders at scale.

Day to Day Responsibilities
- Build the backend infrastructure to ensure that Immutable Exchange is the best place to trade NFTs
- Work with the ecosystem external applications who are leveraging our exchange APIs
- Build an exchange hub with seamless UX
- Ensure our exchange scales with increased volume, so that we can offer SLAs around uptime to external game developers and applications
- Be an advocate for blockchain and decentralisation within the company: work to help us create a fundamental shift in the culture of the gaming industry


- Ethereum - Must understand the key concepts of Ethereum, both at a smart contract and integration level. Must be competent enough with this skillset to suggest different UX patterns to improve our exchange.

- Security - Must be security-conscious and have a demonstrated work history of attention to detail in these matters.

- Architecture - Must have experience designing large, scalable applications. Must be able to create an MVP version of this project, and then rapidly iterate it into a world-class product without substantial changes to the public-facing APIs. Must be able to ensure uptime at scale.

- Financial Applications - Experience working with traditional or new financial applications is highly valuable: we want to offer a world-class product which both gamers and traditional finance shops can interface with. Understanding the requirements of these potential users, as well as how best to structure these systems, will be of desirable.

- Communication - The Blockchain Exchange Engineer must work with both internal and external teams to accomplish their goals: it is therefore necessary that they be an effective written and spoken communicator. We want this person to be an evangelist for the benefits of this product.


Ethereum, Security, Architecture


Negotiable + Equity

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