Blockchain Lead at Fractal Protocol

Blockchain Lead

Fractal Protocol
Remote Berlin
Posted 234 days ago

I'm the CTO at Fractal, looking for a Blockchain Lead: a strong right arm for our new blockchain venture. Someone to come deep into the Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem, help me with research, and shape the product's technical direction. Someone to help me hire and coordinate internal and external resources to imagine, design and build a better Web. Let me explain what I mean.

We're a tight, passionate team who moves fast and gets things done. We started Fractal in 2017, and our first product was Fractal Launchpad — a crowdfunding platform where blockchain projects such as the Ocean Protocol raised funds from the community.

Fractal ID, our current product, is a federated identity system (think "log in with Facebook", but with verified users). It collects and verifies user identities according to the compliance needs of our clients (blockchain fintechs). Because these identities are reusable, we deliver fast frustration-free onboarding for users and high conversion rates for clients.

We're now starting to build the Fractal Protocol. It is an open source protocol designed to rebalance the online advertising market. This market used to fund a free and open Web — critical for democracy and inclusion — but has fallen into the hands of a rent-seeking oligopoly. We believe we can build a new equilibrium that respects user privacy, protects advertisers from fraud and rewards content creators. This is because we finally have the technology to get it done. Blockchain provides a trustless, shared source of truth for mechanism design. Zero-knowledge proofs and differential privacy help keep users safe. Decentralized identity and verifiable credentials brings people self-sovereignty over their own data.

I know that my ideal candidate would be hard to find, and it's ok that some of these don't describe you: a solid Rust engineer with good working knowledge of the fundamentals of blockchain technology. Someone who already used multiple blockchain-based dapps, wrote smart contracts, and already started playing with Polkadot/Substrate tech. I'm not expecting you to tick all these boxes: some knowledge of Rust and blockchain tech might be a good enough starting point, provided you've got the chops to level up quickly.

You'll be my first and most important hire for the Protocol, and I need your helping building the Protocol — and a team — from scratch. It won't be an easy job: if you're looking for a challenge that you can look back on and be proud of, this is it. I'm happy and experienced with fully remote work, and your working hours are extremely flexible.

Your education and years of experience aren't what's important to me. What is critical is that you're able and willing — and excited — to work hard with us towards a better Web.

I'm driven, supportive, resilient, loyal, and good at what I do. Let me know what you think, and let's find out together how to make this work for the both of us.


Rust, Polkadot/Substrate, Smart Contracts


€60k - €100k + tokens + Equity

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