Blockchain Security Engineer at The Arcadia Group

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About the Job

Arcadia is a Blockchain Software Development and Security Consultancy operating in multiple high growth categories such as privacy technology, scaling solutions and decentralized applications. Arcadia's primary business operations are within the arena of product development, software consulting and development, incidence response, and code analysis.

We are looking to hire engineers to help improve the safety and security of the blockchain space, by providing code review an audit services to key aspects of the Ethereum ecosystem. This position will primarily focus on the auditing and code review of smart contracts, essential infrastructure, and decentralized applications, on Ethereum and other near 1:1 EVM-compatible environments. Outside of the key aspects vulnerability identification, this position requires a significant amount of report creation, providing key actionable steps for remediation, and communication with developers to insure that vulnerabilities that are identified are quickly patched with minimal risk.

**Responsibilities include**

* Reviewing the code (primarily solidity contracts) of blockchain projects, working to identify vulnerabilities, design and architectural flaws, quality improvement, and ways to mitigate future risk.

* Writing clear and concise reports and “action-steps” for developers to quickly mitigate and fix any issues discovered

* Interact with developers, and key stakeholders when identifying and handling security issues


* A deep understanding of the EVM, the ETH Yellow Paper, & EVM OP_Codes

* Fluency in Solidity

* Comprehensive Knowledge of Javascript OR Python is required.

* Experience working with smart contracts in a review and security environment

* Understanding of Smart Contract Security Principles


Solidity, Ethereum EVM, Ethereum Opcodes, Javascript, Python



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