Blockchain Technical Director at Dapper Labs

Blockchain Technical Director

Dapper Labs
Posted 146 days ago

We are seeking an accomplished Technical Director to cultivate a comprehensive engineering organization to support Flow, our high-performance, app-focused smart contract platform. You will work directly with the CTO to define the strategic direction of Flow and coordinate a team of phenomenally capable engineers to turn that strategy into reality.

You understand the value of developer-friendly infrastructure and want to breaking new ground in a quickly-evolving space. You know how to mentor and empower technical leaders. You’re eager for the opportunity to build a new category of computing platform. Together, we will establish a thriving software ecosystem bringing decentralized applications to an audience numbered in the billions.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience managing high-performing teams, have a background delivering distributed infrastructure at consumer scale, and a track record of fostering an environment of creativity for solving tough technical problems.

A little about us:

Flow is the blockchain for builders. Created by Dapper Labs, the team behind CryptoKitties, Flow will be the foundation for the next generation of decentralized applications with notable partners including Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, and Animoca.

The Flow team is a humble and curious bunch of builders and scientists who share a passion for blockchain technology and the new kinds of software it enables. Our people are our greatest strength: our diverse team flourishes in an environment where personal autonomy and professional growth are encouraged. We value our culture above else; regardless of where you came from or what you studied, your role here will necessitate both a high level of creativity and strategic thinking on complex issues.

What we'll accomplish together:

- Foster the culture and processes of the top team in consumer crypto
- Be the standard-bearer for user-first, developer-friendly decentralization
- Build the developer support infrastructure needed to serve all manner of Flow builders; from weekend hackers to the world’s biggest entertainment brands
- Prioritize our release schedule to optimize tool and feature delivery to meet the needs of our community
- Actively facilitate and participate in the design and development of major system components, ensuring the timeliness and quality of the resulting code
- Commit to the relentless professional and personal improvement of you and your team
- Ensure that our work is ethical and values-driven to create a positive impact on the world

A little about you:

- Led the design and development of large-scale, complex software systems
- Directly involved in open source development
- Experienced at coordinating developer support programs
- Energized by hard problems which confound, challenge, and push you to find novel new solutions
- Have a firm grasp of the core concepts relevant to decentralised systems: consensus algorithms, asymmetric encryption, secure hashing, Byzatine fault tolerance, deterministic virtual machines, cryptoeconomic incentives, etc.

Bonus points:

- Contributions to an existing blockchain project or dapp
- Leadership experience with a major open source project
- Formal training in economics, especially contract theory, auction theory, or similar




$150,000 - $200,000 CAD

Applications for this job are currently closed.

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