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About the Job

Counter is a non-custodial trading platform which allows users to trade digital assets (cryptocurrency, tokens etc.) with complete peace of mind. Counter's innovative trading platform leverages the best of decentralized and centralized trading mechanisms to enable quick and continuous trading without the counter-party risk that comes with trading on legacy exchanges.

An ideal candidate for this internship opportunity would be one that is interested in learning more about digital assets, building businesses with disruptive technology, marketing strategy and project management. The program is 6 months to 1 year (depending on your academic requirements and schedule) and will provide valuable experience and context to the candidate’s academic program. It will allow for hands on training for real world scenarios.

Opportunity to experience:
• Working directly with co-founders
• Software project management with industry leading developers
• Product management
• Marketing
• Long term strategy development
• Being part of a vibrant and rapidly expanding field
• Networking with industry experts

Preferred Characteristics
• Interest in cryptocurrency
• Attention to detail
• Self-motivated
• Confident
• Thought-leader
• Team player

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Working towards tertiary education qualification in a relevant field

The internship will consist of at least two evaluations. At the end of the term the candidate will be provided with a certificate detailing the work undertaken, skills learned and the content of their performance evaluations. The internship includes remote and on-site work. Counter will cover the costs of lunch and travel.


Marketing / Business Development / Product Management / Cryptocurrency Compliance / Trading


Unpaid Internship | travel and food costs covered for on-site work

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