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About the Job

What is O-MEE?

O-MEE aims to reinvent the future for creators by providing a web3 NFT network that drives sociability and creativity for artists, designers, influencers and content producers who can upload, create, share and sell their artwork all in one place. Legacy social media has created a homogenous space where creators are struggling to create meaningful value from their work. We’re giving you your independence and equity back. So creators can experiment, compose and innovate. Connect with fans and subscribe to your favourite creators’ journey.

- Develop precise and well constructed growth strategies and development plans to ensure continuous platform growth
- Actively seek and secure strategic partnerships with other crypto related projects that can be easily integrated within our platform
- Present AMAs, webinars and video interviews
- Outreach to NFT projects with the view to list with revenue in mind
- Outreach to crypto influencers, KOLs and media outlets to grow our social presence

Qualifications & Qualities:
- Extensive connections and strong relationships within the industry and NFT community that you are able to leverage to strengthen business operations
- Must have at least 3 years within a business development role in the cryptocurrency industry
- Full understanding of the NFT marketplace ensuring continuous development and innovation.
- Proven track record of business growth, business strategy and development
- Coordinate partnerships with our marketing team and upper management to ensure effective execution
- Demonstrate a successful track record of securing and structuring partnership deals and partnerships
- Ability to take ownership of your own work and provide weekly updates to the management team
- Client focused, presentable and ability to maintain partnership relationships and expectations
- Excellent communication skills both written and oral, fast responses and readily available
- Full understanding of the industry, motivated by growth and passionate about your role

We are a small but fast growing team of passionate crypto and NFT enthusiasts. We are looking for determined, hardworking people with a similar passion for the industry to join us in our mission to reinvent the future of content creation.

Compensation Note;
Given you will become part of the managing team, you will be provided with an equal distribution of token equity.


Business Development, Partnerships, Sales & Strategy


Negotiable + Token Equity

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