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Chief Design Officer + Product Design

Posted 355 days ago

Provisn "taking the crypto out of crypto" "crypto made easy" is an all-in-one, Platform as a Service, based off a subscription model bringing the best tools + analytics simplified, to the masses. It is a highly personalized, trustworthy, and top-quality project, with an emphasis on original, unique content, so please check it out before replying.

Our goal is to bring financial freedom to the masses, and create adoption in this space as it is the fastest growing asset class in the history of the world, and the companies / partners we work with are the ones that are and will be developing our future. We aim to build bridges from this highly technical world, to the average individual through sexy, sleek, simple, and informative design that is highly understandable.

We are well on the way of achieving and realizing these goals, however we must continue to produce creative concepts globally and across all channels, where all roads lead back to our platform.

As the founder of this company, I have had 5 acquisitions to date (2 unicorns), and this is my 6th project which i've embarked on and happens to be in Amsterdam. I know what works and what doesn't, and first and foremost our hires MUST work out of our office here. We can not afford to let items get lost in translation and can not put a price on having everyone together in a highly creative and conducive environment for success.

That being said, are you the best of the best of the best? What value can you bring? What can you improve on?

We are looking for a hard-working (100%), proactive, absolutely top notch designer (for all types of initiatives) that is also able to help develop our product (extremely unique cryptocurrency platform). This individual must be senior or above level, and a highly motivated individual as the vision is infinite,

You must have the ability to bring your designs to life, you are able to manage a team (will be working with tech and creative teams as well as myself), and have the foresight to create and develop future iterations and existing campaigns across all aspects of the company (with a focus on acquisition), but while simultaneously helping our core team take our product to the next level. Best practices, design, and dev have already been put into place, we're looking for additional support across all verticals. We are a start up, but we are a VERY accomplished group of individuals - whom have already raised twice, proven concept, and are only missing the final foundation of the team.

You must be a creative out of the box thinker and help the marketing team conceptualize and execute marketing initiatives, including thier multi-platform assets on time and delivered both internally and externally. We then work of the data and results to optimize. You are PROACTIVE, hard working, and understand the opportunity here.

You also have:
- Experience leading a team with a multi-disciplinary product that is constantly changing
- Proficient in Adobe suite
- UI/UX experience: we are a Platform as a service, so will always be improving product, while running marketing campaigns across over 10 platforms with multiple voices/tones to test acquisition, etc. There will always be a focus on conversion (acquisition), retaining those users, and making sure all external facing assets are absolute top notch and in-line with our brand guidelines / visual identity.
-Ability to code your vision at least to a level it can get passed off to our tech team.
-An understanding of crypto currency. (somewhat)
-Motion graphics experience
-SVG experience

**This is not a freelance job, this would be a 3 month contract, and then the ability to become an equity partner (quarterly net dividends + monthly salary).

Our office is on Herengracht 282 and is absolutely beautiful, you must be able to work from location. as we are adamant about ABSOLUTELY NO FREELANCERS, and must work from our Provisn office, which we can guarantee is beyond beautiful (see in photos attached).

Our goal is to bring cryptocurrency to everyone and creatively build bridges to the masses, as THE trustworthy all-in-one content hub, all understand. Timing, team, and proven product is there, now it's time to take things to the next step and optimize across the board... is that you?


Option for equity after 3 month contract, paid out as dividends on a quarterly model based off net profit. This equity will also fully vest in the case of an acquisition.


adobe suite, sketch, css, design master


8000 + Equity

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