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About the Company

CheckDot is a solution for covering DeFi users. Each user can insure himself on the CheckDot decentralized protocol against the risks of Depeg, Oracle malfunction, Smart contract vulnerability, Hard depeg, Wallet exploits and Platform hacks. CheckDot offers a way of covering these risks. In addition, our use of blockchain technology offers a number of advantages, including enhanced security and transparency of the protocol liquidity. The insurance protocol enables CDT token holders to have voting rights during the insurance claims sessions. Also we have a AI integrated on chain for verify scam claims automatically. Our aim is to establish CheckDot as the benchmark for an open, nobody-owned project. It's a community project, and every user can add his or her stone to the project.

About the Job

About CheckDot
Join the CheckDot team: Innovators in the approach to security within decentralized finance by offering cover against the risks of the digital finance ecosystem. Our Approach is just like in traditional banks to bring security to traders and users of digital finance by providing monthly or annual insurance in a decentralized way.

Here's what sets us apart:
We've had a working protocol for 1 year now, and we've been working on a blockchain currently in devnet that applies all insurance management by interconnecting all blockchains to provide our services everywhere.
With CheckDot, the blockchain is a central point where the entire project structure is positioned, without the need for human intervention.

Join us at CheckDot, where your work contributes to the security of blockchain users!

About the position
As Chief Marketing Officer, you will be the driving force behind our overall marketing strategy, focusing on growing our brand presence and user base. You'll manage our social media networks, oversee influencer partnerships and drive innovative marketing campaigns. Your role is essential in positioning CheckDot as the insurance to use to protect these funds from the risks of digital finance.

Main responsibilities

Develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive brand visibility.
Manage and develop our presence on social media platforms, ensuring engaging, relevant and consistent content.
Lead influencer marketing efforts, identifying and collaborating with key influencers in blockchain and technology.
Coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment of marketing strategies with product development and user experience.
Analyze market trends and adapt strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the blockchain industry.
Oversee the marketing budget, ensuring optimal allocation of resources for maximum impact.

Have proven experience in a marketing role, preferably in the technology or blockchain sector.
Strong understanding of blockchain technology and the crypto-currency market.
Expertise in digital marketing, social media management and influencer partnerships.
Demonstrated ability to develop and implement effective marketing strategies.
Leadership skills, with the ability to inspire.
Excellent communication, presentation and stakeholder management skills.
Creative thinker with a data-driven approach to decision-making.




2000 - 3000 USD monthly + Equity

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