Chief Smart Contract Architect/Blockchain Co-founder at DropDeck Technologies

2332 days ago
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About the Job

- Please check out what we're up to at https://DropDeck.IO (website) and (white paper)

- Architect and develop smart contracts for a tightly-knitted "incentive system" that we have designed to disrupt investment & lending for startup & SME once and for all.

- The "incentive system" is inspired by the blockchain technology's reward system as an ingenious solution for most existing problems in the investment & lending space. It's a web of relationship between different role players.

- We assign a lot of roles to people along the investment-lending supply chain (hunter, evaluator, deal partner, monitor, insurer, etc.) and tie their benefits (paid in the DropDeck Token) together so that they have to collaborate in the best interests of investors and lenders on DropDeck as well as DropDeck's interests.

- We promise something totally ingenious as we have looked at a lot of 20+ white papers of the most ICOs such as Gnosis, Augur, Bancor, FirstBlood, Status, Monaco, etc. and are working on our own white paper, which you must contribute to in terms of writing.

- Here, you will build a truly revolutionary product along with long term thinkers.




2000~5000 USD/month + token + Equity