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About the Job

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Chinese Crypto Presale Manager to lead and oversee all presale activities within China. The ideal candidate will have a successful track record of managing presales for meme or utility tokens within the Chinese market. As the Chinese Crypto Presale Manager, you will play a pivotal role in strategizing, executing, and ensuring the success of our presale campaigns, contributing to the achievement of fundraising and project launch goals.


1. Presale Strategy and Planning:
* Develop and tailor a comprehensive presale strategy specifically for the Chinese market, considering cultural nuances and investor preferences.
* Define achievable fundraising goals, token distribution, pricing strategy, and a well-structured timeline for the presale.
* Identify potential market-specific risks and devise effective mitigation strategies.
* Collaborate closely with the leadership team to align the presale objectives with the project's overall vision.

2. Presale Marketing:
* Craft and execute targeted marketing campaigns tailored to the Chinese crypto community, investors, and potential token holders.
* Leverage popular Chinese social media platforms, strategic partnerships, content marketing, and influencer collaborations to maximize engagement.
* Create compelling marketing content that emphasizes the project's unique value proposition for the Chinese audience.

3. Presale Operations:
* Establish a secure technical infrastructure for the presale process, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy experience for participants.
* Coordinate with the development team to implement necessary smart contracts, wallet integrations, and token issuance.
* Ensure adherence to Chinese regulatory requirements, including KYC/AML procedures, in collaboration with legal advisors and auditing firms.
* Oversee compliance and security measures, maintaining a high level of transparency and trust.

4. Community Engagement:
* Cultivate a vibrant and engaged Chinese crypto community around the presale.
* Regularly interact with community members, address inquiries, and gather feedback to enhance the presale process.
* Utilize insights from the community to optimize strategies and promptly address concerns.

5. Performance Analysis and Reporting:
* Monitor key performance metrics related to presale participation, fundraising progress, and community interactions.
* Provide regular reports to the executive team, offering valuable insights into the effectiveness of the presale campaigns and suggesting areas for refinement.

* Bachelor's degree in Business, Finance, Marketing, or a related field (preferred).
* Proven track record of successfully managing crypto presales within the Chinese market, ideally involving meme or utility tokens.
* In-depth understanding of the Chinese cryptocurrency landscape, tokenomics, and fundraising tactics.
* Strong project management skills, with the ability to handle complex initiatives involving multiple stakeholders.
* Proficiency in Chinese-specific marketing strategies and community engagement techniques within the crypto space.
* Familiarity with blockchain technology, smart contracts, and token standards.
* Experience in establishing secure and efficient token sale processes, including compliance with Chinese regulatory requirements.
* Thorough knowledge of relevant regulations and compliance standards within the Chinese crypto industry.
* Excellent communication skills, adept at negotiation and presentation in both Mandarin and English.
* Agile mindset, adaptable to the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.
* Problem-solving orientation with a proactive approach to addressing challenges specific to the Chinese market.





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