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About Status
Status is building the tools and infrastructure for the advancement of a secure, private, and open web3.

With the high level goals of preserving the right to privacy, mitigating the risk of censorship, and promoting economic trade in a transparent, open manner, Status is building a community where anyone is welcome to join and contribute.

As an organization, Status seeks to push the web3 ecosystem forward through research, creation of developer tools, and support of the open source community.

As a product, Status is an open source, Ethereum-based app that gives users the power to chat, transact, and access a revolutionary world of DApps on the decentralized web. But Status is also building foundational infrastructure for the whole Ethereum ecosystem, including the Nimbus ETH 1.0 and 2.0 clients, the Keycard hardware wallet, and the Waku messaging protocol (a continuation of Whisper).

As a team, Status has been completely distributed since inception. Our team is currently 100+ core contributors strong, and welcomes a growing number of community members from all walks of life, scattered all around the globe.

We care deeply about open source, and our organizational structure has minimal hierarchy and no fixed work hours. We believe in working with a high degree of autonomy while supporting the organization's priorities.

Who You Are?
You’re passionate about open source and p2p technologies for their potential to change how society is structured. You understand that blockchain networks and privacy-preserving tech are more than technologies - they’re part of a larger social movement for increasing individual freedom.

You want to be a part of this movement. You believe in the power of creating grassroots communities, and recognize this requires a cohesive communications strategy, advocacy, and an understanding of culture.

You thrive in a remote work environment that is fast-paced and growing quickly. You enjoy work that demands dedication, along with superb organizational and communication skills.

What Do We Need?
You’ll be responsible for communicating the policies, positions, and opinions of Status Network and play a key role in crafting its communication strategy - including our upcoming rebrand to position Status towards creating a DAO and Network State.

You'll work closely with Status' Co-founders, Creative Director and Creative Strategist, and will own the following responsibilities:

Develop and lead the overall communications strategy of the Status Network.
Work alongside our Creative Director to help craft and define the overall brand strategy of the different projects that comprise the network.
Communicate the policies and public positions of the network.
Embed the network into culture through creative communication, and an understanding of internet subculture.
Draft engaging language to be used in blog posts and web pages that clearly convey our goals and entices others to participate.
Serve as team leader and subject matter expert to develop and recommend grassroots advocacy campaigns to inspire and create stronger bonds between community members and the network.
Develop energetic and on-brand content that stands out and delivers our core messages - with a unique, personal liberty-based approach to solving the problems that exist in big tech.
Set guidelines and parameters for our marketing teams so they can execute upon campaign ideas at a tactical level that fit within the strategic goals of the network.
Develop communications strategies that are open, participatory, and community-centric, and fit within the open source ethos of the organization.
Mentor and lead all other members involved in communications within the organization.

You ideally have:
Experience in, and passion for, blockchain and peer-to-peer technology.
Experience in developing communications strategy within an advocacy group, political party, or in a startup environment.
Excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills.
Previous experience in Public Relations.
Previous management/leadership experience, preferably running a multifaceted team of specialized individuals.
Formal Qualification in Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, or similar field.
A strong alignment to Our Principles.
Extreme focus on quality of work and a strong eye for detail.

Bonus points if:
Experience working remotely.
Experience working for an open source organisation or a politically aligned organization to Status.
You identify with the Cypherpunk movement.
Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of these criteria, we’d still love to hear from you anyway if you think you’d be a great fit for this role!

Status offers above-average compensation, payable in fiat and/or crypto

The hiring process for this role will be:

Submit your application and professional Curriculum Vitae
Interview with Pepper, one of Status’ Recruiters
Interview with Carl, one of Status’ Co-founders
Interview with Ned, Status’ Creative Director
Interview with Jarrad, one of Status’ Co-founders
Marketing assignment with sample legal tasks (paid, 3-4 hours max)


Communications, Public Relations, Branding, Marketing, Blockchain, Ethereum,



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