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About the Job

DistributedTown is a Network of interconnected, self-sovereign Communities. It lets anyone join one or create their own, and it's based on DITO, a non-speculative mutual credit system, & SkillWallet, a universal, pseudonymous ID based on skills rather than personal data.

We are building a new financial ecosystem, supported by self-sustainable community-hubs, with self-sovereign, pseudonymous identity management. Members of a community can exchange skills with each other - safely, and without speculation - and collectively build the future of Collaborative Economics.

Core values:
- Self-organization and sustainability
- Skills as a currency.
- Collective autonomy (Inter-Independency).

The successful candidate will work directly with DistributedTown’s co-founders, and will be the Marketing+Community Lead of our suite of products.

Initial activities will include:
- work on Marketing plan and social media strategy
- identify and approach potential partners
- attract sponsors and participants for hackathons

Need to have:
- This is a Core Team position - NO agencies.

- Positive personality - a leader, and good team-player. Able to work independently and coordinate with a remote team.

- Energetic and creative, with at least three (3+) years of experience in Social Media Marketing / Event / Community management (any background is welcome).

- Deep knowledge and understanding of Blockchain technology is compulsory. We also expect at least 2 years in the Blockchain space, as it is necessary to build a community.

- Native or Bilingual proficiency in English language.

Big plus:
- Good writing, storytelling and graphic design.

- Previous experience with DAOs and DeFi.

- Existing experience in similar role with a large project in the Blockchain space.

- Experience in organizing hackathons and local/remote events in the open-source space.

We have been bootstrapping since October 2020, and we have won all the different Blockchain competitions we have joined. We just opened our Seedfunding round, and this is an Executive role - therefore, a small initial salary is possible, but this is expected to be an Equity-based position.

Please confirm you’ve read about the compensation by starting your application with “A system based on Value” - applications starting otherwise won’t be considered.

The position is an open-source/milestone-based position, fully remote - an invaluable opportunity to join a high-profile, foundational technology, and join an experienced, successful team.


DAOs; DeFi; Writing; Social Media Marketing; Community Management; Community Development; Creative Writing; Marketing Management; Ethereum; Blockchain;


Competitive + Equity

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