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About the Job

The Impact You’ll Make:
The Community Manager will build awareness and drive adoption of Dexible’s new and exciting Dexible Pro app and grow the community around it. This person will leverage their skills to lead us as we empower our users to use Dexible to execute trades never-before-possible on DeFi.
The right candidate not only has the ability to think critically about where and how to best engage each audience as we bring them into our ecosystem of products and platforms, but also has experience leveraging traditional, scrappy and creative tactics across social channels (mostly Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and YouTube) to meet measurable objectives and long-term goals.

Your Responsibilities:
Create a long-term strategy to grow Dexible’s community of traders, investors, strategists, and fund managers
Create outreach plans and build relationships with influential personalities in the DeFi trading space
Join and help lead team activities in sponsoring, communicating within, and attending virtual and in-person events including hackathons and relevant conferences
Generate content such as blog posts, case studies, announcements, and press releases as needed
Drive engagement across numerous social channels including Twitter, Discord, and Telegram
Lead discussions and AMAs within community channels.

3+ years of experience doing Social Media and/or Business Development
Proven track record of strong writing and storytelling skills
Objective-first thinking (why are we doing this? What does success look like?); strategy before tactical approach mindset.
Experience in DeFi, blockchain, and community strongly preferred.
Interest in DeFi swapping and money legos or general technical analysis experience is a plus.

Our Mission:
We built Dexible to accelerate the transformation of our financial institutions by tackling the gap between centralized crypto finance and decentralized crypto finance. By focusing on the professional market, Dexible has become battle-tested in delivering extraordinary quality service that can be leveraged for the public’s benefit.
Today’s crypto hedge funds and professional retail traders face a number of challenges when it comes to trading and managing their portfolios. Dexible has set out to provide solutions to these problems.
As a company, we believe rational optimism drives innovation and we are committed to building a contrarian workplace and culture based on our pragmatic values. Empathy informs how we work together as a team, how we service our customers, and how we approach the products we build. We believe empathy extends beyond our company to how we interface with the world. It’s a value to uphold in all areas of life and is deeply connected to the future world we envision.


Community Management, Marketing, Business Development, DeFi,


5000 USD/month

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