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unstoppable domains
Posted 835 days ago

We believe that everyone, everywhere in the world should be able to access the internet and conduct business without fear of censorship. Because no one person or group can be trusted to decide what we see and do, the only safe system is one where nobody in the world can interfere.

We of course believe that illegal and offensive content should be filtered by applications and think blockchain tools will make such filtering easier than it is today.

We believe this technology is critical for promoting free speech and opportunity around the world. Come join us and help us spread this technology across the globe.

Unstoppable Domains is building Domains on blockchains. The company builds and launches itโ€™s own domain extensions (like .com or .info) and sells domains direct to consumers at

We're seeking a Community Manager to interact directly with our community and get them excited about blockchain domains. You will answer questions, share information resources, create support tickets for support engineers to complete, and follow up with customers to ensure their issues are resolved. You will communicate with customers primarily on Telegram, but also over email, Twitter DM, and other channels. Community Managers will work in shifts so that someone is monitoring the community 24/7. Your goal is to assist, educate, and excite every member of the community.

Communicate directly with customers on Telegram, Twitter, DM, email, and other channels - answer questions, resolve issues, make them happy
Create support tickets and work with Support Engineers to ensure a great customer experience
Monitor conversations in Telegram and guide the conversation towards learning and positivity
Contribute to a knowledge base of questions about Unstoppable Domains, blockchain domains, and related areas of blockchain technology

1+ years experience in Community Management or Customer Success
Strong written/verbal communication skills
High attention to detail
Ability to manage a large number of tasks per day
Familiarity with blockchain technology


Community management, written/verbal communication


$60,000 + Equity

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