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Posted 1284 days ago


Crypto Profits is a digital agency that helps market cryptocurrencies, blockchain companies, and ICOs.

We have a strong global presence with offices in Australia, Singapore, United States and Romania, and a team of 100+ digital specialists.

We represent a number of blockchain and ICO companies and have a stable workflow of projects for the right person.


We are looking for community managers who have experience managing Telegram and social media communities.

We are looking for someone who understands the nuances of the blockchain space, who understands the technicals, and who has managed communities many times before.

You will be required to share content across Telegram, Discord and the main social media channels (Facebook, Twitter etc).

You will also need to manage the conversations happening across the various communities and major forums (Reddit, Bitcointalk etc), engage with the community where possible and escalate issues you cannot solve yourself.


Here’s what this role includes:

* Management of communities across Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (and others where required)
* Moderation of forums including Reddit and Bitcointalk
* Develop content / social media strategy to leverage across the community
* Develop FAQ strategy to ensure community engagement is on brand and accurate
* Escalate issues that you cannot resolve yourself
* Set up social media platforms and channels where needed
* Build relationships with other community managers (especially on Telegram) for cross-promotions
* Promote Bounty Programs and Airdrops
* Conduct research on potential partnerships (where needed)
* Report on community engagement and performance

This role is ideally suited to someone with a social media background, although all experienced applicants will be considered.

Please also include your rate and your availability (hours per day, days per week etc)


community management, social media, influencer marketing, telegram



Applications for this job are currently closed.

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