Community/Marketing Manager for P2E Gaming DAO (Remote) at AnorakDAO

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About the Company

The next generation of gaming, where anyone can participate, compete, contribute and become an elite gamer.

About the Job

Anorak is a community-first, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on creating value for investors and players in the growing play-and-earn gaming industry and virtual worlds. Anorak will combine five key pillars to become a formidable force in play-and-earn gaming and the Metaverse.

1. We will invest in the rapidly-growing web3 gaming industry by partnering with burgeoning gaming projects;
2. We will build a global community of gamers who play to collect in-game rewards that are split between the players and Anorak;
3. We will create a platform to release our own games as well as 3rd-party games;
4. We will provide services and technology that support our community and web3 gaming;
5. And we will provide thought leadership and content that advances our mission to build a metaverse-class DAO

To initially build the community needed for all of this, we are going to launch an NFT collection focused on gamers. Our initial hire will be for Community Management and Social Media Marketing. In this role, you will help define and lead our marketing plan for the launch of the NFT collection, as well as define/lead how we engage the community in Discord. This is a position for someone that's wanting to be on the ground floor of a company and able to have a considerable impact on its growth.

This position is ideal for someone looking to only be part-time with the possibility to move full-time if the NFT collection launch is successful. The NFT collection should launch end of May or June if all goes well.

Pay: TBD. Please list your desired compensation. Initially, preferred compensation is a percentage of the NFT sale and eventually a percentage of the token sale. As we develop a budget from our NFT launch and token sales, we will look to our team and community for paid and salaried positions.

You can find us at the following links.

Thank you for your time and interest! We look forward to hearing from you.


marketing, community management, discord, twitter, growth, social


TBD + Equity

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