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About the Company

Swisstronik is a Layer-1 solution designed to build scalable decentralized applications that ensure users' data protection and privacy while remaining in compliance with local blockchain policies.

About the Job


1) Your key responsibility will be to collaborate with the marketing and product team to create text content for the company’s official Social Media pages & blog, promo publications and educational/expert content for the brand itself and its external educational initiatives, including but not limited to product guides, texts for the slides, speaker notes and video scripts, as well as potentially, web pages and application interfaces.
2) Clearly and consistently convey the key brand messages and value points, as well as describe the products and vision in an easy-to-understand yet engaging manner in order to increase conversions and/or raise brand awareness.
3) Assist in content planning and propose your own content outlines based on the agreed goals.
4) Show both structured thinking and creativity.
5) Proofread and edit texts.
6) Quickly gather and internalize relevant product data from existing tech documentation, the team, and your own research, and be able to write concise explanatory texts about complicated blockchain-based solutions.
7) Together with the team, analyze market research results, community feedback, and web metrics to ensure your content is user-centered and effective.


1) Native English speaker or a certified Russian-English translator.
2) An available online portfolio with relevant content types, and some of it - in the blockchain field.
3) Succinct and concise yet engaging writing style: more facts and less fluff.
4) Knowledge of the advertising formulas and the ability to apply them (AIDA, ODC etc).
5) At least 3 years of copywriting experience.
6) Excellent editing and proofreading skills.
7) Knowledge about the peculiarities and key trends of writing for social media.
8) Being able to quickly get to the bottom of a complex blockchain-based solution, request and analyze a lot of data, while a lot may be missing, and run your own research.
9) Being able to deliver quality content quickly upon request and work under tight deadlines.
10) Formal education (bachelor’s degree or certification) in marketing, copywriting and/or IT.

Good to have:
1) Experience with SEO and writing for web interfaces.
2) Fluent written Russian, German, French, or Italian.
3) Knowledge of the legal limitations in the industry.


Copywriting, English, SEO, Social Media, Blockchain



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